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Barnes & Noble's Cyber Monday Sale Includes Deals On Toys Like Wizard's Chess, So Accio Computer

As someone who proudly identifies herself as book-obsessed, I don't need excuses to step into bookstores and simply "walk amongst books" as I tell my husband — Barnes & Noble is no exception. But for those of you that prefer to get your B & N fix and stay in your pajamas too, you can get excited about what to buy at Barnes & Noble Cyber Monday 2017 sale. Every year, Barnes & Noble offers exclusive deals and special collections for some of their most-loved items, including games, puzzles, toys, and DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

This year, Cyber Monday at Barnes & Noble means 50 percent and up off DVDs and Blu-ray, 50 percent off kits, and 30 percent off one item in the toys and games, or hobbies and collectibles departments.

That's right: These days, the popular bookstore chain offers more than just books, and I've listed the Disney Collectibles, robots, Barbies, Harry Potter Wizard's Chess, and Hatchimals to prove it. There are even a few things mixed in for the big kids in your life because why not? Take note that I've listed items that fall into each of the categories that will be discounted on Cyber Monday and their current prices, so you can do the math on your savings ahead of time

As for me you ask? Oh, I will take a giant stack of books and a quiet room, please and thank you very much. Really, you're too kind.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

If your kid still has a Hatchimal collection that's going strong, you might want to snag this Hatchimals CollEGGtibles 4-pack (currently $10) to add to the mix.

'Beauty And The Beast'

If you can't get enough of the tale as old as time, then you might want to scoop up the live-action retelling of Disney's Beauty and the Beast on DVD or Blu-ray (currently $30 and $37) and call it a gift for your kid (even though it's kind of for you too).

Tile Lock Scrabble

Do you have a kid in your life whose a wordsmith like no other? Check out Tile Lock Scrabble (currently $16) for a new spin on an old favorite.

Mystery Mini: Harry Potter Collectibles

No matter the season, there's always room for Harry Potter. That's why these Mystery Mini: Harry Potter Collectible Figurines (currently $6) make the ultimate stocking stuffers.

My First Bananagrams

Perfect for the pre-reader and early learner, the My First Bananagrams (currently $11) helps kids find an affinity for letters and wordplay using colorful tiles and a cute banana-shaped zip pouch.

Harry Potter Wizard's Chess

I mean, like I said, there's really no such thing as too much Harry Potter. That's why you should keep your eye on this Harry Potter Wizard's Chess (currently $45) for the kiddo in your life.

'The Emoji Movie'

From the screen of a smartphone to the big screen, The Emoji Movie takes kids inside the world of Textopolos, where curious emojis come to life. Pick it up on DVD or Blu-ray (currently $24 and $26).

'The Golden Girls' Clue

Is it weird that I have at least four friends in mind who would die for this Golden Girls Clue board game (currently $40)? I mean, there's something so timeless and hilarious about the four ladies, making it the perfect gift for the big kid in your life.

Disney Collectibles

If you have a kiddo who loves Snow White, Winnie The Pooh, or Ariel, then this might be your one-stop shop. Disney Collectibles currently range in price from $10 to $100 and serve as the perfect addition to a dresser top or nightstand.

Meccano M.A.X Robotic Interactive Toy with Artificial Intelligence

A robot that is fun and works as a S.T.E.M robotics platform? That's what you'll get with the Meccano M.A.X Robotic Interactive Toy with Artificial Intelligence (currently $113) which is a win-win if you ask me.

Barbie Dream Horse & Doll

The Barbie Dream Horse reacts to touch and sounds, featuring more than 30 realistic sounds and reactions (currently $100). Doll included.

'The LEGO Batman Movie'

If you have a kid who loves LEGO, then chances are they will adore The LEGO Batman Movie on DVD or Blu-ray (currently $29 and $26).

Beatbelle 2.0

Fisher-Price's Beatbelle 2.0 (currently $30) has more than 120 songs, sounds, and phrases to teach little ones colors, counting, the alphabet and more through fun, interactive play.

'La La Land'

Pick up a copy of La La Land for the big kid in your life (or yourself) on DVD or Blu-Ray (currently $19 and $30). You'll fall in love with struggling actress Mia (Emma Stone) and aspiring jazz pianist Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) who begin a whirlwind romance as they both pursue their dreams in Los Angeles.

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