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The American Girl Black Friday Sale Is Here, & OMG It Includes Doll Accessories For $5

If there was one thing that made you the envy of the playground in my day, it was having an American Girl doll. My friends and I pored over every catalogue that came out (back then, there were only five dolls and like half of them are retired now) and chose our favorites. Of course, mine was Samantha, but all of the dolls are amazing and I can't wait until my daughter is old enough for some. But if you're already shopping, you'll want to know what to buy at the American Girl Black Friday 2017 sale. (Everything. You'll want to buy everything.)

Every year, I head into the American Girl store here in Atlanta just so I can go gaga over every item inside. From Bitty Baby to WellieWishers to the classic historical American Girl dolls, there is literally something for everyone, and I'm always blown away by the details and lengths the company goes to in order to be inclusive. There are dolls in every skin tone and hair color, but there are also wheelchair accessories for your doll so your little one can feel like they're represented. No matter what you're looking for at American Girl (even if you're reliving all of your childhood memories like me), the Black Friday sales are worth a peek. (Side note to my own mother: I'm still waiting on Samantha's bedroom set.) Major bonus: All of the sales are available from the store's opening on Black Friday, at 8:00 a.m., through the weekend until the stores close on Sunday, Nov. 26.


I'm just going to go ahead and say it — I credit the American Girl books for a lot of my own personal knowledge. (Alex Trebek, I'm ready for you.) Whether you're looking for historical fiction or a book about a girl just like your daughter, niece, cousin, or sister, there's something for everyone.

Noteworthy Deals

  • $1 for select books (reg. $9.99 - $24.99)


Look, American Girl dolls are amazing. But their accessories are just... lovely. There are so many detailed pieces, whether you're holding onto a Bitty Baby or Addy Walker, the tiny birthday cakes and cribs are just too much. They really make your child's imaginative play come to life, plus they're beautiful and look so sweet in your home. (No garish plastic here.)

Noteworthy Deals

  • $5 for select accessories (reg. $10 - $24)


OK, I know I said the accessories were fantastic, but you guys — so are the outfits. I had matching nightgowns with my Samantha doll and I was basically in heaven. There is everything from party dresses to historically accurate outfits for your dolls, and American Girl is sharing a great Black Friday deal so you can stock the closet.

Noteworthy Deals

  • $10 for select outfits (reg. $20 to $36)

Online Items

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No American Girl store near you? Is the one in your city out of that WellieWishers Garden Stage your kid's been asking for? No worries. You can still shop online and enjoy 50 percent off select collections from Nov. 24 to Nov. 25 with American Girl's Black Friday sale.

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