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You Guys, The CVS Black Friday Sale Is Here & Perfect If You Need Candy & Booze

For some folks, in addition to a huge feast with turkey, cranberry sauce, dressin' (if you're from the south) or stuffin' (if you're a yankee), and all the delicious sides, another family Thanksgiving tradition is braving the hoards of people and going Black Friday shopping for the deals. While most people think of places like Best Buy or Target, your local CVS actually has some great deals this year. So you better set that alarm to wake you up after that post-turkey coma, because here's what to buy at the CVS Black Friday 2017 sale so you don't miss out.

CVS — not just for medicine, toiletries and photos anymore. Along with that insanely long receipt you get after checkout, there are toys, home decor, home improvement items, books, magazines, and cards you can take home, too. It's a mini convenience store for whatever you may need. Some CVS stores even have a grocery section. And with your CVS card, you can get a ton of great deals, not only when you need to stock up on toilet paper, paper towels, or Gatorade during the week, but especially on Black Friday. While you may not be getting that flat screen TV or Xbox on your wish list at CVS, there are still plenty of deals to be had on Thanksgiving day through the following Saturday, Nov. 25, depending on your CVS location.

For The Kids (Or Kids At Heart)

Santa can be even more generous this year, because CVS is offering “buy one get one free” of “select holiday toys.” If Disney, Peanuts, or Rudolph are more your speed, those particular holiday-themed toys are pretty discounted, too, at 25 percent. There are other pretty cool toys that can also serve as holiday decor if you want, like a Christmas train set, which is extremely discounted.

Noteworthy Deals

For Those In The Holiday Spirit

Celebrate Christmas and love you some twinkling lights, singing Santas and ornaments? You have to stop at CVS for their BOGO deals on lights and ornaments. My CVS even sells fake plastic trees (and not the Radiohead song).

Plus, when it comes to holiday shopping and gift giving, it seems like you can never have enough wrapping paper. Don't get caught with an empty roll this year and have to resort to newspaper (though that is actually a pretty cute idea, too, in my opinion). And ensure nobody in your family or friends list thinks you're a Grinch this year by stocking up on holiday cards to send out.

Noteworthy Deals:

Stocking Stuffers (Or Mini-Gifts) For Everyone

A huge part of Christmas morning, for me, was checking out if Santa ate all the cookies I left out and looking in my stocking for festive treats. As I got older, the milk and cookies disappeared (maybe) and in addition to candy, there were gift cards — the easiest gift for any teenager. You're covered for stocking stuffers with everything from candy to gift cards when you shop at CVS on Black Friday.

Noteworthy Deals:

For The Glam Gal Or Guy In Your Life

Have a tween experimenting with makeup? Does one of your loved ones enjoy making YouTube videos of their makeup and beauty routine? Or do you just know someone who wears makeup? CVS has got you covered for beauty product deals this year.

Noteworthy Deals:

The Gift That Keeps Giving (Booze)

Other than underaged people, those who don't like alcohol, and potentially pregnant women, who doesn't like booze as a present? It's the gift that keeps on giving, and will be a nice addition to that awkward family gathering you have to attend once a year. And for those who don't imbibe in alcohol, there is even a two for $5 deal on sparkling cider.

Noteworthy Deals:

When you're shopping for the holidays on Black Friday this year, beat the system and head to CVS instead of other big box stores. Sure you won't be able to snag that plasma TV, but you may be surprised with the goodies and deals you might find.

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