What To Do If The Condom Is Stuck Inside? 9 Things To Keep In Mind
by Jill Di Donato

Having sex is loads of fun, but can also cause some major stresses. And one of those stresses is when the condom gets stuck inside. Yeah, not a lot of fun. It doesn't happen all that often, but if it does, you should know what to do if the condom is stuck inside.

First off, breathe. You're going to be OK. Second, you should know is that this isn't anybody's fault, but just one of the side effects of being sexuality active (and responsible—you're using protection against STDs and pregnancy, so props.)

That being said, there are some things you can do to prevent this from happening. According to Pregnancy, you have to use condoms a certain way in order for them to be effective and not slip off during intercourse. Mainly, you have to make sure your guy pulls out while still erect, because a condom is more likely to slip off a flaccid penis. You can spoon as long as you want once you take care of business.

Another thing to keep in mind is using the correct size condom. In other words, a Magnum is not going to work on a guy who can't fill it. In fact, it will likely slip off. This might be an awkward conversation, but, the alternative is having a piece of rubber stuck at the base of your cervix, so have the conversation. Just carry a variety of condoms with you. Oh, and just in case your sex-ed class didn't inform you on how to use a condom, the same article in Pregnancy noted you should roll the rubber down all the way to the base of his penis. When taking the condom off, hold it against the base of the penis. Voila!

But, say for some reason the condom still gets stuck, here are nine things to do.


Don't Panic

The vagina is certainly a powerful lady part, but it's not one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Cosmopolitan noted that if a condom gets stuck in you, it's probably somewhere between your vaginal canal and cervix. So take a deep breath — that condom won't get lost in there.


Use Your Fingers

OK, so, relax. Wash your hands. Make sure your nails are short and clean, Cosmopolitan advised, and if you can feel it, try to reach it.


Ask Your Partner To Retrieve It

Anna Thompson wrote about a condom getting stuck inside her for XO Jane, and described how embarrassed she was to ask her dude to retrieve the condom. Ultimately she did, and he got the darn thing out. Another reason why I like to say, ask and you shall receive (in bed).



If you aren't able to get the rubber out lying down, you're going to have to use your quads. Cosmopolitan recommended squatting to retrieve the stuck condom.


Prop One Foot On A Chair And Bear Down

Another way to "birth" a condom? Stand up, place one foot on the floor and prop your other foot on a chair, noted Pregnancy. I'm thinking you can also do the leg lift maneuver lying prone (see above). Now, push that sucker out.


Visit Your Gynecologist

If the above methods don't work, your gynecologist will be happy to remove the condom for you. Trust me, you're not the first one she or he has done this for.


Know You Might Be At Risk For Pregnancy Or STDs

An article that ran in The Frisky discussed what to do when a condom gets stuck inside you, and on the to-do-list is realizing that you might be at risk for pregnancy or STDs, because well, the condom was rendered ineffective. So, revisit number six on this list. And if you don't want to become pregnant, pick up Plan B from your drug store.


Try To Figure Out Why This Happened

OK, now that you're out of the woods, you want to try to get a grip (sorry, bad pun) on why this happened. Maybe it was a freak occurrence, a side effect of getting freaky. Or, maybe you and your partner aren't using condoms correctly. Get to the bottom of this with a conversation. I'm willing to bet this will bring you and your guy closer. On the other hand, if he acts defensive and tries to blame you, this is a sign that you might need to have a more open dialogue about your sex life.


Don't Be Embarrassed

Don't take this mishap as a sign you have a cavernous vagina or there's something wrong with you.