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What To Do If You Can't Evacuate Ahead Of Hurricane Irma

Unfortunately, the United States is experiencing multiple natural disasters at the moment. While Texas continues to recover from the winds and rain of Hurricane Harvey, Oregon and California are fighting wildfires, and now, another huge hurricane is barreling towards the American cities along the east coast. Hurricane Irma is currently the largest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic, and has already made landfall in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. So now, as it gets closer to Florida and the east coast, many are preparing for the worst and leaving town. But, what are you supposed to do if you can't evacuate?

As devastating as hurricanes are, evacuating for them can also be pretty expensive. If you don't have a car or means of transportation it can seem nearly impossible to be able to get out quickly, but there are other options. You should definitely check with friends and family in the area, as well as neighbors, to see if they can help you get out of the storm's path. And if they are able to help you, make sure you bring all important documents with you, especially your insurance policies, as well as family pets.

However, if you aren't able to get a ride out of town, there are other options.

Check To See Where Your County's Shelters Are Located

Most counties that are near the coast are prepared for emergency situations, like hurricanes, and have set procedures in place for the worst case scenario. For example, most counties will have at least one shelter open for those unable to leave town, so make sure you check out any that are close to you.

For shelters in Florida, you can check here. And for shelters in Georgia, you can check here.

Airbnb Is An Option As Well

There is also the option of moving to a secure home away from the water if you can't get out of town. Especially if you live in a mobile home or trailer, you should try to get to shelter or another stable building. During hurricane Harvey, Airbnb encouraged its users to open their rentals for free for those needing shelter. Now, they're doing the same.

If you're in Irma's path and unable to get out of town and your local shelters are full, see if there's an Airbnb available for you to ride out the storm in.

If You Can't Leave Your Home, Take The Necessary Precautions

Of course, if worse comes to worst and you're unable to get out of your home, there are some steps you can take to make your home as safe as possible. If you have a basement in your home, go there during the storm. If not, get to the center of your home and board up your windows to prevent broken glass from getting inside. Have plenty of batteries and flashlights with you in case power goes out.

But, most importantly, stay safe, stay aware, and be prepared as these hurricanes followed their courses.

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