What To Do If Your Baby Cries Until They Throw Up

Listening to your baby cry is never any fun, but listening to your baby cry until the puke? Well, that's some circle of hell no parent wants to be in. Knowing what to do if your baby cries until they throw up can make all the difference when you're trying to parent and, you know, not panic over your child's stomach contents making a grand entrance out of their mouth.

First things first, don't fret too much. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children vomit for many reasons. Whether it's from reflux, a stomach bug, or downing too much formula at one time, it's not always something to be concerned about.

When your baby is crying until they puke, you may feel helpless. How can you calm them down? How can you help them? It's especially difficult in moments where you can't get to your child right away, like if they are in their car seat while you're driving or if you're taking care of an older child.

According to Montreal Children's Hospital, emotional stress and tension can cause a child's stomach to feel upset and lead to vomiting, but the strain of crying can also cause them to send their stomach contents flying. Pediatrician and neonatologist Dr. Saroja Balan told Baby Center that a prolonged bout of coughing or crying could lead a baby to vomit, but as long as it's not happening often throughout the day, accompanied by other symptoms, or happening in large quantities, your baby's most likely OK.

In a Parenting article, Dr. William Sears noted that many toddlers use crying until they vomit as a way to get what they want while throwing a tantrum. Although your baby's most likely not doing it for any ulterior motives, Dr. Sears's suggestions for helping a toddler could apply to your baby. Instead of ignoring them, Dr. Sears recommended that you hold your child in a relaxed and comforting way as a means to help them regain control and bring them some peace.

If your baby's crying and vomiting seems to happen all day long, Precious Little Sleep noted that there may be a reflux issue and you'll have to see your pediatrician to get more information.

If you're sleep training, it can be really difficult to have a baby who cries until they throw up. Parents noted that, depending on their age, they may be trying to get their way by continuing to cry and not settle down, but if they are younger, you may have to intervene and pat their back more often than some parents do in sleep training. Talk to your child's pediatrician to find out what you can do in issues like this and how you can help your baby get to sleep without puking everywhere.