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Old Navy Is Offering Up To 50% Off Everything In Store, So Get Hype

President's Day — a day celebrating our forefathers, but also a day to celebrate some great deals on mattresses, furniture, cars, tires, and clothing and accessories. If you have banker's hours and holidays, you're probably even off for President's Day. If you are, you should totally check out the sales at Old Navy. And if you're not off work, at least you can still catch these deals online — as long as your boss isn't looking. The 2018 Old Navy 2018 President’s Day sale is offering up to 50 percent off items store-wide.

Old Navy is not only offering up to 50 percent off of everything in the store, but there are kids' tees for as little as $5 and adult tees for $7, jeans for kids at $10 and adults at just $15, and kids' fleece for $12 and adult fleece for just $15. This is all in addition to Old Navy's typical awesome clearance sales. So whether you're able to browse online or you can actually make it to the stores on Monday, Feb. 19, it may be worth checking out Old Navy's deals to stock up on some basics or find some super cute items you didn't even know you needed. God bless America.

Mid-Rise Super Skinny Jeans

Mid-Rise Super Skinny Jeans, $15, Old Navy

Who doesn’t love a great pair of stretchy skinny jeans, am I right? I hate it when most of the skinny jeans I purchase don’t fit tightly around the ankle, but these particular jeans definitely do fit tightly around the ankle. (Though not too tight where I can’t fit my foot through the hole. Hey, I’m sure it’s happened to you, too.) Plus, they have “Mid-Rise Curvy Skinny Jeans” on sale for $15 as well if the above Mid-Rise Super Skinny Jeans aren’t a good fit — literally and figuratively.

EveryWear St. Patrick’s Day Graphic Tee

EveryWear St. Patrick’s Day Graphic Tee, $7, Old Navy

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner after all, and this understatedly festive St. Patrick’s Day graphic tee is well worth $7. It would pair nicely with those shamrock antenna headbands and a green beer. You can either get a gray shirt that says “Lucky Me” with a Shamrock on there, or a cream shirt with “Lady Luck” delicately sewn in the top left corner.

EveryWear V-Neck Tee For Women

EveryWear V-Neck Tee for Women, $7, Old Navy

I love me some Old Navy t-shirts. They’re true to size and fit well on everyone. I like to keep my t-shirts simple and basic when I’m not wearing metal band t-shirts, and for $7, why wouldn’t you want these staples in your wardrobe? You can dress them up or down with accessories or outerwear and they're a closet must-have.

First-Layer V-Neck Plus-Size Cami

First-Layer V-Neck Plus-Size Cami, $8, Old Navy

Layers are a girl’s best friend. At least this girl, and especially since I am growing a little bit more each day with a pregnant belly as we speak. I used to live in these camis in middle school and high school since they went great with button-ups and cardigans. And as a busty gal, you know those things never buttoned over the girls. These versatile plus-size camis come in five different colors, so you can have one for every outfit.

Fitted Ballet-Neck Plus-Size Jersey Tee

Fitted Ballet-Neck Plus-Size Jersey Tee, $15, Old Navy

You can get this super cute plus-sized, comfy top in black stripes, grey stripes, white, or plum. It’s perfect for everyone and looks really comfortable. I believe this will be going in my shopping cart, thank you.

Girls' Graphic Tees

Girls Graphic Tees, $5, Old Navy

All girls' graphic tees are only $5 for the President’s Day sale. And most of them are all about girl power and other positive messages for our young ladies. And at $5 a pop, what a steal.

Boys' Graphic Tees

Boys' Graphic Tees, $6, Old Navy

Looking for some cool graphic tees for the little dude in your life? He’s sure to love all of these hip looks from Old Navy, and you’ll love the price.

Graphic Peplum-Hem Tops For Toddler Girls

Graphic Peplum-Hem Tops For Toddler Girls, $9, Old Navy

What a steal for these adorable tops, which were originally $15. There are some cute designs to choose from, but who needs to choose when they’re that inexpensive? Pick out your favorites today and your daughter will be the best dressed kid in town.

Printed Slub-Knit Henleys For Toddler Boys

Printed Slub-Knit Henleys For Toddler Boys, $10, Old Navy

These henleys look so comfortable and cozy, you’ll wish they came in your size. Plus, I’d totally rock a tee with sharks and sea life on there, wouldn’t you? Your toddler boy will be looking pretty cool, dude. And the white shirt even has some pretty rad skateboards and sunglasses on there with sharks, footballs, and bananas. Not sure how they all fit together, but hey, what do I know? It still looks cute.

Baby Jeggings For Baby Girls

Baby Jeggings For Baby Girls, $10, Old Navy

I personally love a good jegging. They fit like a skinny jean but are so much more comfortable. And these jeggings for babies look comfortable as well, and you’ll have the most stylish young lady on the block without them having to be in scratchy, stiff denim.

Printed Ruffle-Back Leggings For Baby Girls

Printed Ruffle-Back Leggings For Baby Girls, $6, Old Navy

These leggings are so adorable, I want a pair for myself. Your baby girl will look too cute in hearts, kittens, and flowers on her bum, all while staying cozy. And for just $6, you can get all three patterns to show off.

Rolled-Cuff Twill Pants For Baby Boy

Rolled-Cuff Twill Pants For Baby Boy, $6.97–$12.97, Old Navy

These classic pants will go with any style you’re trying to convey. In bold, adorable colors like red, yellow and charcoal, your baby boy will be styling and smiling. And you’ll be smiling too, because of the savings you just got from shopping on President’s Day.

Color-Blocked 2-in-1 Tee Bodysuit For Baby Boy

Color-Blocked 2-in-1 Tee Bodysuit For Baby Boy, $10, Old Navy

These bodysuits would go nicely with those rolled-cuff twill pants you just saved money on. They’ll also go with just about any color pant you already own. The cool thing about these is that they’re onesies on the bottom, but look like a tee on the top. How versatile.

You can hit up Old Navy's killer sales either online or in stores. Stock up on basics for the entire family, or splurge on something fun for yourself. You deserve it.

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