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What Would Season 2 Of The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Be About? Netflix Has Options

Whether you found yourself satisfied or disappointed with Netflix's Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, odds are you can't stop thinking about those final four words that echoed across your junk food-cluttered living rooms, revealing that the ever-so-cautious Rory Gilmore was now pregnant. For me, it was a difficult plot twist to swallow, but even in spite of my complicated feelings, I found myself wonder... will there be more? Could this signify the creation of more episodes, and if so, what would Season 2 of the Gilmore Girls revival be about? The way I see it, Netflix has quite a few options at its disposal.

For starters, there's the obvious answer: the second installment could center around Rory as she attempts to cope with this major curveball life has just thrown her way. There are, of course, a few distinct advantages that would come with going in this direction. Fans would be able to get answers to some very important questions, such as who the father is and where Rory intends on going from here. Will she remain in Stars Hollow or venture out to create her own life separate from her upbringing, much like Lorelai did? These are just a few things a second season could help to clear up. But that is not by far the only option the streaming service has available to it.

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As much as I enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces walking around Stars Hollow once again, some of the cameos and storylines took up unnecessary time, which could've been spent focusing on other things, like Emily Gilmore, for instance. Don't get me wrong, she was in a decent amount of the episodes, but I honestly could've watched an entire spin-off centered around her alone. Kelly Bishop did an outstanding job reprising the role of the Gilmore matriarch who was trying desperately to cope with the loss of her husband. Was it devastating at times? Absolutely. But it was also riveting and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bishop is a national treasure. I'd be very interested in a Season 2 that explored her storyline further in a post-Richard world.

Then again, I also wouldn't be opposed to a Paris-centric season either. What about instead of working at a whale museum, Emily became Paris' assistant? That'd a deadly duo combo for the ages and I need this to happen now. Or maybe fans could finally see what a married Luke and Lorelai life looks like. Lorelai seemed to be looking into expanding the Dragonfly Inn and potentially moving it to a new and bigger location. She also needed more money from Emily in order to do it, which means vacations and Christmases will be in Nantucket from now on. That would make every day a Friday Night Dinner. Talk about a Christmas miracle!

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Additionally, I wouldn't say no to a Kirk and Petal offshoot. Just saying! Basically, the sky's the limit when it comes to what Season 2 could be about. The amazing cast made all of the characters so lovable, many fans would probably be content to see any of their storylines further explored. So, basically, if Netflix and Amy Sherman-Palladino do decide to continue on with more episodes, it's safe to say they have a few great options to work with.