Here's What Your Favorite Marvel Hero Says About Your Parenting

I came into really enjoying reading comic books and watching the Marvel movies at the ripe old age of 31. Strange, I know. Better late than never. And before I had my son (and no longer had time to enjoy reading them), my husband and I even had a pull list at our local comic book store. My husband is a DC guy, and I'm definitely more of a Marvel gal. And since I write about parenting quite a bit, I couldn't help but wonder how my two passions aligned, and what your favorite Marvel superhero says about your parenting.

Are you sarcastic, funny, and have a bit of an evil side like Deadpool? Or are you more like the all-American "good guy" who is so vanilla it's almost comical, like Captain America? Somewhere in between? Which Marvel character you relate to most and enjoy says quite a bit about your own character, in my opinion. My favorites are Deadpool and Spiderman. (And the storyline where they're together? Amazing.) I think that sums me up pretty well, as I'm really sarcastic with a dry sense of humor, but I also am very into justice and trying to do the right thing no matter what. Plus, I like a good pun and mom joke here and there. Where do you fall into place?



Spiderman your favorite? Expect all of the mom jokes. And she’s really into doing the right thing almost ad nauseam. She also tries really hard to make sure her kid isn’t bullied at school, because she remembers how awful that was when she was growing up. She’s really good at helping her kids with science homework but not very good at teaching them how to tell love interests how they feel.



The mom who loves Deadpool most is sarcastic and sardonic, but deep inside she loves very intensely — especially her family. She teaches her kids that sometimes all you need is a good joke to get yourself out of trouble (or to annoy someone so much they’ll leave you alone), and she’s extremely proud if her kid beats another kid up at school. But she’ll try to pretend she isn’t.


Scarlet Witch

Though she sometimes feels like she’s a villain, the Scarlet Witch mom ultimately always uses her "magic powers" for good, and she saves her children from close calls all the time. Let's be real, all moms are indeed magical and have superpowers. Trust.

She also teaches her children that it doesn’t matter who you choose to love — even if it’s a robot. So she’s pretty progressive. She also enjoys teaching her kids how to read tarot, studies astrology with them, and has zodiac posters all over her house.


Iron Man

The Iron Man fan mom is into all the latest gadgets and technology, and has the latest for her baby. Owlet sock? Of course. A video monitor that also doubles as a room temperature thermometer? She definitely has that, too.


Captain Marvel

The mom who loves Captain Marvel the most is definitely a feminist and thinks it’s important for her children and herself to live with a heightened consciousness and always do what’s right — even if it’s not always easy. Not to be mistaken for someone like Supergirl, moms who like Captain Marvel or Ms. Marvel know they aren’t just counterparts of their men (i.e., Superman). She’s also very empathetic and absorbs the energies of her children and family around her, helping her know intuitively what they need. Like any amazing mom.



You won’t like this mom when she’s angry. Moms who love the Hulk have a short temper, but once she calms down, she’s back to reality and apologizes for snapping at her kids when they were being insufferable. She’s also crazy strong and uses her mom strength for good most of the time. Especially if she needs to lift a heavy object off of her child.


Black Widow

Black Widow moms are definitely no-nonsense moms, and they're able to sleep train their kids like a boss. She’s also quite the activist and fights for those who are less fortunate and don’t have a voice — and she teaches her children to do the same. She also doesn’t take any crap from anybody, especially a man.


Luke Cage

This mom is sweet and sensitive on the inside, but a total BA on the outside. If she's into Luke Cage, she may be into weight lifting and fitness, and she’ll teach her kids how important justice for all really is. This mom is also very into helping at-risk youth in major cities and tries extra hard to make sure her kids stay in school and off the streets. She also may exclaim "Merry Christmas!" in times of crisis, too.



The mom who loves Thor rules her house with an iron hammer and will be a fierce leader of her entire family. She falters at times and feels like she’s not worthy, but she realizes her true strength and power when it matters most.


Black Panther

Also super into technology, this Black Panther loving mom will be sure her kids always have the latest and greatest gadgets at their disposal, and will ensure her kids flourish in every aspect of their lives. She’s also fiercely loyal to her kids and her family and teaches her children to be the same way. This mom is proud of her heritage and culture, and immerses her children in it as much as possible so they, too, will be proud of who they are and where they come from.


Captain America

If vanilla ice cream had a persona, it would be Captain America and this mom. Like Spiderman moms, the Captain America mom also is super into doing the right thing, almost to a fault, but is very patriotic and believes in freedom for all. She’s also very popular among the other moms and kids at playgroup for her all-around wholesomeness.