Ken Woroner/CBC

Fans Of 'Northern Rescue' Are Ready To Be Hurt Again In Season 2

They say good things come to those who wait, but I can tell you right now I can't wait for Season 2 of Billy Baldwin's CBC show Northern Rescue which you can stream right now on Netflix. After the finale episode cliffhanger, I pretty much jumped out of bed to search for the Northern Rescue Season 2 premiere date. It might have been the middle of the night... but do you blame me?

Unfortunately, all Northern Rescue fans are going to have to wait at least a few months to find out the answer because the show hasn't been officially renewed by CBC yet. I suppose I understand. It just premiered on both streaming services Mar. 1. But also — are they kidding me with that cliffhanger? I hope the social buzz the show has generated in its first weekend is enough to prove it has staying power.

For those just tuning in, Northern Rescue follows the West family from Boston to Turtle Island Bay to live near their Aunt Charlie after Sarah, the matriarch of the family, dies of cancer. Everyone has to instantly start over while also grieving. They have new jobs, new schools, new sports teams — and it's as gut-wrenching as it sounds.

John West is a search and rescue commander, so he has some healing moments saving strangers' lives while mourning his wife. But in case you haven't watched yet — yes you need tissues. John's daughter Maddie (Amalia Williamson) makes his life harder more often than not, but she's lovable all the same.

This is the kind of show that will make you bawl uncontrollably on your couch à la This Is Us, but it also left fans with some major questions unanswered. Naturally, Twitter is now desperate for a second season of the family drama.

Fans are loving that Northern Rescue is family-focused, so everyone can enjoy it together, though very young children might be a little bit scared by some of the life-threatening situations. Northern Rescue premiered on Netflix without much fanfare, but it's clear that the show has struck quite a chord with viewers. Netflix doesn't release ratings as a policy, but obviously people are loving all the drama (and the tears) if what fans have to say on Twitter is any indication. It's not for sure but this could definitely mean that the show is up for a second season.

In any case, an interview with show creator, David Cormican, in Variety proves that the show and the stories are very personal to him. "We’ve all suffered our own degrees of loss throughout our own families, so it was a lot of very close material that we were able to pull from and be inspired from," he told the outlet.

Who needs a movie on a rainy night when you can stream a family drama anyway? The West family has just begun telling their story and saving lives in Turtle Island Bay. If fans have anything to say about it, they won't be stopping any time soon.