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When Is Anne Hathaway Due? Because All Her Best Movies Would Make Really Great Due Dates (Hint, Hint)

Anne Hathaway has played the infamous cat woman, an eager fashion magazine receptionist, an unforgettable princess and a Parkinson's patient. Now, after three years of marriage to her husband Adam Schulman, Hathaway is preparing for her most challenging role yet: Anne Hathaway is going to be a mom.

The Les Miserables star is reportedly in her second trimester of her first pregnancy, feeling great and eager to start a family. In 2012 the actress told the Hollywood Reporter in a candid chat alongside Naomi Watts, Helen Hunt, Amy Adams, Rachel Weiscz, Marion Cotillar and Sally Field:

I'm the only one here who's not a mother. I hope to join the ranks soon.

Wish granted, Anne.

The actress was successful in keeping her pregnancy under-wraps throughout her first trimester, which only adds to due-date speculation. No one - other than Anne, Adam and we're assuming close family and/or friends - know when the celebrated actress is due, which means we get to guess and if you know anything about pregnancy, you know that guessing when baby will arrive is half the fun.

Since Hathaway is "already fairly along," we're taking it upon ourselves to guess when she'll have her baby, based on the theatrical releases of her most successful movies. Because honestly, how great would that be? She could celebrate her success and her ability to push a human being in to the world, all on the same day. People, that's the dream.

'The Dark Knight Rises,' Released July 20

Hathaway played the cunning, witty and devilishly smart Selina Kyle aka Cat Woman in The Dark Knight Rises. The film debuted on July 20th, 2012, so why not have her motherhood debut on the same day? Trust me, the actress is going to need the same cunning, witty, devilishly smart characteristics to survive the first few months of no-sleep, constantly feeding, insanity-depleting motherhood.

'Love And Other Drugs,' Released November 24

The overall theme of Love and Other Drugs definitely parallels motherhood. Just like Jamie and Maggie have to decide if completely committing to one another is the right thing for both of them, Anne and her husband had to decide if having a child was right for them. Clearly they did (and Jamie and Maggie did too) so why not celebrate that conscious commitment by having a baby on the same day the film was released?

'Alice In Wonderland,' Released March 5

The first few months of motherhood is a lot like falling down the rabbit hole, so this just makes sense.

'Les Miserables,' Released December 25

This is exactly how Anne is going to look when she hasn't slept in two weeks. Motherhood is a beauty thing you guys, but it definitely has the ability to leave you an exhausted, sleep-deprived and borderline insane mess.

'The Princess Diaries,' Released August 3

Just like Mia Thermopolis transitioned from an awkward adolescent into a beautiful Princess, Hathaway is about to transition from an iconic actress into an exhausted (albeit extremely happy) mother. If her baby was born on the same day her career was born, well, everyone on #TeamHathaway would be up to their eyeballs in celebration.

'The Devil Wears Prada,' Released June 30

For a good majority of the film, Anne Hathaway's character, Andy Sachs, feels inferior, ineffectual and completely lost. Well, welcome to motherhood, Anne.

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