Kalani From '90 Day Fiance' Is Pregnant & She's Not Ready For Baby Number 2

Kalani and Asuelu of TLC’s reality show 90 Day Fiance are expecting again, and it was definitely a surprise. The couple, who have had a rough go of things since they met in Asuelu’s home country of Samoa in 2016, weren’t exactly happy about the news, and they haven’t shared too many details. So if you’re wondering ‘when is Kalani’s baby due?’ I don’t have an exact answer for you. But I can make some assumptions.

Asuelu and Kalani met while she was vacationing in Polynesia, and it turned into much more than a fling. For background, Kalani had been planning on remaining celibate until marriage, in keeping with her Mormon faith. But the California girl ended up hooking up with Asuelu, and soon after, learned she was pregnant. At present, they have a son, who is about 11 months old, but was just 5 months at the beginning of filming.

The sixth season of 90 Day Fiance began airing in late October, and the episode that recently aired announcing the pregnancy was the tenth of the season. Not that events in reality shows generally air in the order that they happened, but if their son Oliver is now 6 months older than he was when everything kicked off, that would put the start of filming sometime in the spring. And if that’s when Asuelu came to the country, that means they couldn’t have conceived again until at maximum six months ago.

However, now I have to get into the present day. Snooping around Asuelu’s Instagram (Kalani’s is private), his girlfriend/fiance/wife (whatever their present status is) doesn’t look visibly pregnant, meaning she’s probably somewhere in her first trimester. In the episode, Kalani lamented that she wasn’t on birth control because she was breastfeeding Oliver at the time of conception. I’m not sure if she’s still doing that, but either way, the episode was likely filmed at least two months ago, and she was probably at least a month, likely two, along at that point. So that puts the due date at some time in the spring, maybe between April and June.

OK, enough detective work. What really matters is that even though they are expecting another child together, Kalani and Asuelu don’t appear to be jiving — at least, on screen. There have possibly been some infidelities (though it seems like they weren’t officially a couple at the time), her family isn’t particularly fond of him, and she’s having her own doubts. The two appear to be living in Utah at present, and from his Instagram, it seems like at least Asuelu is happy with their situation. But Kalani is definitely have doubts about his ability as a parent. Of course, that could have changed since then.

Whether or not they can make it work as a couple, Kalani and Asuelu have to figure out how to co-parent in the future. This could be especially difficult if they’re not in same country, let alone the same time zone, so the conclusion of this storyline will be important in determining their kids’ future, not just the fan expectations.

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