The babysitter is drawing with the baby

Nanny Appreciation Week: A Time To Celebrate The Person You Actually Can't Live W/o

She preps the chicken parm for dinner, she takes your kid to karate — heck, she even helps your child master his math homework. In short, your nanny is your right-hand when it comes to caring for your kiddos. You’re already super appreciative for all that she does, and there’s no better time to express your gratitude than during National Nanny Recognition Week.

This year, National Nanny Recognition Week falls from September 22-28, 2019. It’s an opportunity to thank your number helper for the guidance and love she gives to your family, and in particular, your children. Because if you think about it, your nanny probably does a lot of the heavy lifting that comes with parenting. She might even be doing the things that you don’t have the time to do, (or maybe just don’t want to do), like washing loads of laundry or tackling that never-ending pile of plates in the sink.

So how do you show your love (and yes, appreciation) for someone who shoulders the daily duties of helping raise your children? There are many ways in which you can thank your family’s caretaker during National Nanny Recognition Week. You might give her a gift card to her favorite restaurant or tickets to a concert she’s been dying to go to. Or let her have a day off (paid, of course), because PTO is always a perfect gift. And obvs, cold hard cash can be a working gal (or guy’s) best friend.

Which brings up another point: Nannies aren’t always women. Some families employ mannies (male nannies). They might choose a male nanny in order to have a positive male figure in the family, as Very Well Family found, or simply because they are the best candidate the parents could find.


And as for the actual term, there’s some debate as to where the word “nanny” comes from. It first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1785. But its etymology has been linked to everything from the Greek root nanna (meaning “aunt”) to the Welsh word nain, to “na na”, which is a common first word for babies, reported PopSugar.

Now, you might assume that a babysitter and a nanny are one in the same, but there are significant differences. A babysitter is someone who works more on a part-time, once-in-a-while schedule, while a nanny provides more consistent care and may work full-time hours, explained For the most part, babysitters work shorter stints (think date night or a quick pickup after school), while a nanny becomes like a second mother of sorts, helping to raise your children and care for your home in your absence.

In many cases, the relationship between moms and nannies goes far beyond employer/employee, where the nanny truly becomes part of the family. Since you have to convo with her about your kiddos and their daily ever-changing needs, you’ll find that you depend on her in many ways, especially emotionally. And as such, your relationship with your nanny can quickly go from caretaker to confidant — for you as well as your children.

So whether you have a nanny like Mary Poppins, Mary from The Sound of Music, or even a manny, be sure to thank the person who has such a significant share in raising your children. Take the time to effort to celebrate National Nanny Recognition Week during this month — and really, always.