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Get Ready To Bro Out, Because National Brothers Day Is Almost Here

Sometimes they're bratty, sometimes they're a bother — but there’s nothing like having a brother. That's why you should celebrate National Brothers Day, whether you’ve got a big brother, a little bro, or have sons of your own. At a time when there seems to be a day to celebrate anything and everything (Lost Sock Memorial Day on May 9, anybody?), taking a day to honor your sibling sure sounds like something fun to do. So when is National Brothers Day 2020? It’s coming up soon.

When you have random dates cluttering up your calendar, it’s good to have some holidays that fall on the exact same day each year. National Brothers Day is no exception, since it falls on May 24 each year. That means for this year, it will land smack dab on a Sunday. So there’s no real excuse (like work, school, or other commitments) to not spend some quality (possibly virtual, depending on whether or not the siblings live together) time with your bro.

Not to be mistaken with National Siblings Day, (which falls on April 10 each year), National Brothers Day is a time to truly honor your male siblings. Apparently, the day was created by C. Daniel Rhodes of Alabama, as reported by National Days Calendar, but not much more is known about the man who set a day aside for brotherly love.

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Of course, National Brothers Day isn’t technically an official, federal holiday that's recognized by the government. But it is an opportunity to stay connected to your sibling. If you can't be with your brother, you can brag about your bro on social media, or give him a call and tell him how much he means to you.

Now, if you don’t have a biological brother (and are feeling left out of the festivities), you can always celebrate with someone special who has been like a brother to you. And if you're a proud #boymom to a brother, be sure to encourage your other kid(s) to make a card or find another way to foster those bonds of brotherly love. They'll last a lifetime.