mom and daughter hugging in a field
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Get Ready To Celebrate Your Favorite Child On National Daughters Day

I could argue that every day is National Daughters Day in my home, given the way my daughters' toys are scattered on the floors of basically every room, how my oldest kicks me out of my own bed so she can lay in it while watching Disney+, or the piles of Target receipts from the all the adorable clothes I can't resist buying. But, no, that's just life with my two little girls. When is National Daughters Day, then? It's coming up, so get ready to celebrate.

Every year, there is a day set aside specifically to acknowledge daughters, and that's September 25. National Daughters Day serves as a sweet reminder of the joys of raising a girl, whether she's a tiny newborn or is all grown up with babies of her own. The bond between a parent and a daughter is one that cannot be truly understood unless it is felt.

There are a lot of ways you can choose to celebrate the day, from a simple post on Instagram to a full fledged party. You can give your daughter a little extra attention that day by giving her a card and a sweet note, grabbing takeout from her go-to restaurant, watching her favorite movie with her, or playing her favorite game. Or, if your daughters are anything like mine, presents are always welcome and an ice cream cone is never a bad idea.

Since it's just a fun day of recognition, there's no pressure to celebrate National Daughters Day with gifts and events (unless you want to, of course). Instead, take a step back, soak up the mess of the toys and the sound of the giggles, and relish in the fact that you are lucky enough to get to celebrate it.