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When Is Peta Murgatroyd's Baby Due? The 'DWTS' Progeny Will Be Here This Winter

Beautiful dancing human Maks Chmerkovskiy and similarly beautiful dancing human Peta Murgatroyd recently decided to be beautiful together for the rest of their lives, and are also expecting an undoubtedly beautiful child together. So when is Peta Murgatroyd's baby due? Baby Chmerkovskiy will be here in the coldest month of the year, so hopefully all three Murgatroyd-Chmerkovskiys (what a hyphen!) have got plenty of warm blankets and extra chunky knitwear ready.

In September, Maks revealed that Peta's due date is January 2 of next year, meaning the couple has just a few months left to make sure everything is perfect and ready for the arrival of their little one. The two are obviously extremely excited about their little bundle of joy, and Maks in particular has been super exuberant about how pumped he is for his son to get here. He recently revealed in the Daily Dish that he will not be returning to Dancing With the Stars next season because he will be too busy changing diapers, cleaning up spit-up, and singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Basically, he said that he doesn't want to miss out on a single moment of his son's life. While Peta is out chasing her dreams, Maks is happy to be a stay-at-home dad.

In an interview with People, Peta said that she's also looking forward to her little one's arrival. “I’m looking forward to nurturing something and just having the baby be the center of our world,” she told the magazine. “I’m looking forward to putting all our energy into this beautiful soul.” Obviously, the pair is really looking forward to being parents.

One would think that the new baby would put the couple's wedding plans on hold somewhat. But it turns out that that will not be an issue. Peta has said that the timing actually works out perfectly. After their engagement last December, they were planning on getting married in the summer of 2017. After the baby is born, that will give Peta a good six months to plan the wedding right on schedule. I have to hand it to this girl's ambitious scheduling. Six months isn't usually a ton of time to plan a wedding, and that's without a newborn child. If she does all that and manages to make it back to Dancing With the Stars then she is officially superwoman.