Whitney Bates' Due Date Is Much Closer Than You Think

The Bates family are giving the Duggars a run for their money as they prepare to expand with yet another new addition. This time it's Whitney Bates due to give birth to her third child with husband, Zach. Even better? Fans of the popular television family will be thrilled to know that Whitney is due to welcome her third baby much sooner than expected.

It's safe to say that Whitney is pretty much ready to pop, especially because her due date could be any day throughout November. Whitney has already shared so much about this third pregnancy with her followers. In fact, she's basically shared everything aside from a specific due date (with numbers). In July, Whitney told Hollywood Life that she is due in November.

She later confirmed this in different Instagram posts throughout her pregnancy, counting down the weeks (and days) until she has been finally able to meet her bundle of joy. With the help of some number crunching, it's possible to get an idea when Whitney might be due. On Sept. 27, Whitney revealed in an Instagram post that she was 33 weeks and five days pregnant, meaning she had a little less than seven weeks left in her pregnancy (if her baby arrives on her due date around the 40 week mark, which is considered to be a full term pregnancy, according to March of Dimes). When you jump seven weeks in the future from Sept. 27, you reach the week of Nov. 11, which is next week.

But since babies never exactly arrive on their specific due date (it's possible for them to be born earlier or later than expected), it's safe to assume that Whitney could give birth any time within the next week or so.

It's safe to say that Whitney is beyond ready to meet her newest addition — a daughter, that they've already named Khloé Eileen. In an Instagram post on Nov. 4, Whitney wrote that her, Zach, and their two adorable children — 4-year-old son, Bradley, and 3-year-old daughter, Kaci — are patiently awaiting the arrival of their newest addition. "Khloé, we are all ready when you are!," Whitney wrote in the caption of the post.

There's a big reason why they're so excited — they've done a lot of waiting as a family over the past few years. Whitney opened up to People in February 2019 about suffering a miscarriage in 2018. But in May, the family was overjoyed with the news of Whitney's pregnancy with her "rainbow baby." "Last summer, Zach and I experienced a miscarriage," Whitney told People. "Though our hearts were broken, we put all our trust in God! Now we are all flooded with joy and gratefulness!"

After going through such intense emotions, it's easy to sense why everyone is so ready to finally get the opportunity to hold Khloé in their arms.

But Whitney might be most excited to see her two older kids be a guide for her youngest. In an Instagram post earlier this month, Whitney wrote that she loves watching her two children play together, and can't wait to see how Khloé will join them. "I know when Khloé gets here, she will fit right in and have two older siblings that already love her to the moon and are ready to take care of her and love on her with all their might!," she wrote.

Although it might be a while before Khloé can join her siblings, it doesn't matter. They're all clearly so excited just to meet her — and that can happen any day now.