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'The Assassination Of Gianni Versace' May Be On Netflix Sooner Than You Think

No matter how many times you watch your favorite show, more often than not, it has plenty of staying power for you. Naturally, this is where your marathons come in so that you can really enjoy every moment a second or third time around. And since American Crime Story is easily one of those shows that you almost have to watch more than once, it begs the question: when will The Assassination of Gianni Versace be on Netflix? American Crime Story Season 2 has definitely been an exciting roller coaster of emotions with a performance from Darren Criss that could see him walking away with an Emmy. It took long enough for American Crime Story Season 2 to even premiere on FX, let alone make the transition to the streaming platform, but thanks to a hefty deal between the network and Netflix, fans will get to stream it eventually.

In July 2016, months after The People v. O.J. Simpson premiered on FX, Variety announced that a deal was made to grant Netflix exclusive streaming rights to the series. At the time, this deal promised fans that the show’s inaugural season would be made available on Netflix in 2017 and that all proceeding seasons would go to Netflix after they air on TV. While this doesn’t give you a definite timeline, it does promise that once The Assassination of Gianni Versace has aired in its entirety, fans won't have to wait long before they can rewatch it on Netflix.

At the time of the deal, Netflix vice president of global television, Sean Carey, said in a statement obtained by Variety:

We’re excited to evolve our relationship with Fox and to bring their lauded content to our members around the world. Given the popularity of the first season of American Crime Story, we are thrilled to offer this acclaimed drama series to our members.

Even before Netflix acquired the rights to stream the show, American Horror Story was already available on the streaming service, but for Murphy’s horror anthology, each season is added to the roster quite a bit later than its on-air season finale.

Typically, seasons of American Horror Story show up on Netflix closer to the premiere date of the following season, meaning that fans have to wait several months in order to watch the latest season of the series on Netflix. If American Crime Story follows the same pattern, then fans will likely see The Assassination of Gianni Versace on Netflix sometime in early 2019.

The important thing is that Season 2 will be on Netflix at all and since FX and Netflix previously inked their deal long before the second installment of the series, viewers will get their fill of it to stream, but it will probably be a little far off yet. The viewers for the nine-episode season have averaged at around one million and there are already plans in place for future seasons of American Crime Story, so viewers can also expect to keep seeing new seasons moving forward, even if it means waiting quite a while between seasons for each one to become available on Netflix.

Like American Horror Story, American Crime Story is an anthology series with a new plot and new cast of characters each season. But instead of a fictional scary story to drive the season, there are recreations of real life crimes. The Assassination of Gianni Versace may only be the second season of the series, but it’s been full of excitement and intrigue, so it's really no wonder that fans are basically chomping at the bit to be able to rewatch it in its entirety on Netflix as soon as possible.

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