Where Can You Find Legit 'Star Wars' Clothing & Gear? Because You Need A Real Stormtrooper Helmet To See The New Movie

Both new Star Wars fans and a “lifers” have fantasized about dressing up as one — or more — of the franchise's signature characters. And thanks to nerds around the planet, you can. But where can you find legit Star Wars clothing and gear? It's all over the internet, but a few people are truly making top notch stuff that will awaken the Force in anyone.

Most recently, Andrew Ainsworth, of Twickenham, England, started making authentic Stormtrooper helmets. That’s right: authentic. How, nerds might ask? Well, in 1976, Ainsworth was asked by a designer friend to help make a futuristic military-type helmet for a certain yet-to-be-named film. He did — constructing several prototypes, and some of the armor — and those helmets went on to become the helmets in the original Star Wars films. And while the one’s Ainsworth sells today aren’t 39-year-old movie props (though that would be amazing), they are made from the the same molds Ainsworth used to produce the original design.

While they do go for quite a bit more than your typical Halloween-type mask, with costs ranging from $400 to $750, Ainsworth's helmets are a steal — at least in the grand scheme of high-end Star Wars gear. that is.

But what if Stormtroopers aren’t your bag? Well you’re in luck: here's the best places to buy legit Star Wars gear just in time for opening weekend?

Jedi Robes

If you are a fan of Obi Wan, Luke Skywalker or simply aspire to walk the same path as the Jedi, these custom made replica robes, from, are for you.

Armored Costumes...And A Wookie

If you are looking to track down one badass Boba Fett costume, Darth Vader’s duds, or a furry full body suit, look no further than Other supreme costumes include a Shadow Trooper, Stormtroopers, and an Imperial Guard. (And don’t worry if they are sold out — which it seems they are at the moment. Many of these same costumes are also available on

Museum-Quality Classics

Have you ever imagined being an Imperial Officer or an X-Wing Pilot? Better yet: have you fantasized about what it would be like to be Han Solo or Empire-Strikes-Back Luke? Good news: It seems Anovos is the place to go to make all of your geeky dreams come true. Just make sure you have your wallet ready: The high-quality costumes range in price from $400 to almost $3000.

So, whether you are thinking about ordering a costume or just can’t get enough Star Wars this week, check out these amazing replicas. Oh, and here’s one more look at The Force Awakens because...STAR WARS WEEKEND IS HERE!

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