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Seinne From 'The Bachelor' Has An Ivy League Background

I'm not Reality Steve or anything — my Bachelor bracket usually ends up being wildly inaccurate — but I have a feeling one contestant will get far this year: Seinne. But since she has yet to get some serious one-on-one time with Arie yet, what do we already know about her? For instance, where did The Bachelor's Seinne go to school? When she told Arie after she won the group date Demolition Derby challenge, he was super impressed. I was too when I first read it, not going to lie. I'm not knocking Seinne or any other contestants, but there's probably a handful of people ever on The Bachelor who went to Ivy League schools (including the first Bachelor, Alex Michel). Regardless, Seinne has an interesting back story that may push her ahead in the competition.

According to her LinkedIn page, Seinne graduated from Yale University in 2012 with a degree in economics. Since then, she worked in restaurant and service managing and took a pivot into — what else — real estate. So it's sort of similar to Arie's pivot from race car driving to real estate, except not at all. Regardless, Seinne and Arie have similar jobs now, which he picked up on during a recent conversation. Seinne currently works as an associate at Latitude Management Real Estate Investors while Arie appears to be going at it on his own as a real estate agent. Seinne worked for several years in Scottsdale before making a move to Los Angeles, while Arie still remains in Arizona to this day.

There are a few contestants this season who have had considerably more screentime than Seinne thus far. There's Chelsea, whom Arie gave the First Impression Rose to in the premiere. At first, it seemed that producers pegged Chelsea to be the villain. She went up to Arie not once but twice during the first night, which is a cardinal sin in Bachelor Nation because on the first night it's extremely rude to hog the lead. To be fair, it's rude any night and will make the contestant hated — which brings me to the other contestant with a ton of screen time: Krystal. It seems that Krystal has usurped Chelsea for the "villain" title, and at first I thought she was doing so unintentionally, but now I think she knows exactly what she's going.

Krystal caused some beef in the house when she kept talking to Arie during a cocktail party. Normally this is par the course, but Krystal had earned a rose during a solo date with Arie and didn't need that time with him. Other contestants, namely Bibiana, were fuming because they needed to talk to Arie in order to be on his radar and get a rose. Well, Krystal both a.) is not here to make friends and b.) doesn't seem to know how the whole "dating 30 people at once" thing works because she did not care. Regardless, she's taking away screen time from more low-key contestants, like Seinne.

As the season goes on, though, those sleeper contestants come through and shine. I'm sure this will happen for Seinne, especially because she has Chris Harrison's seal of approval. Seinne is one of Chris Harrison's top 5 contestants for Arie's Bachelor season. He told People, "This girl is flat out impressive." He continued, "She’s incredibly intelligent and she definitely has this zest for life that Arie is in awe of. He’s a little bit mesmerized by her." Now, Harrison also named Bibiana as his top 5, and she went home last week, so it's not a determination of who stays and goes... but I still think Seinne has a good chance of lasting a long time. And if not, she can take her Yale degree and real estate career and find another man... maybe on The Bachelorette? I'm getting way ahead of myself, but I will enjoy seeing her try to win Arie's heart this season.

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