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Jack From 'Below Deck Med' Has To Live Somewhere When The Sirocco Docks

On Below Deck Mediterranean, deckhand Jack Stirrup is a former Merchant Navy engineer who has since pivoted to the wonderful world of yachting. The crew of the Sirocco comes from all over the world, and Jack himself was born and raised in Liverpool. But where does Jack from Below Deck Med live when he's not sailing the high seas?

Puzzling out the details of Jack's personal life are a little tricky. He doesn't share his current off-boat home in his official Bravo bio, and his social media accounts have seemingly been deleted. Romper previously reported that, before it was deleted, his Instagram bio stated that he spent most of his time in France and Italy. However, it's impossible to confirm that now because he's eschewed social media. One could speculate about where he hangs his hat based on his prior addresses; perhaps he returns home to Liverpool in England when he's not hanging around the deck of the Sirocco. Maybe he spends so much time on yachts that he doesn't really need somewhere to live on land. It's possible he's happy going where the wind takes him without settling down.

But all of that is mere contemplation without evidence, because I couldn't tell you where Jack lives. He keeps that information to himself.

Jack has been dating Aesha Scott on Below Deck Med, but her Instagram doesn't feature any hints at an ongoing relationship or if the two are still officially an item. At the beginning of the season, Jack admitted that he had a girlfriend back home but he was not opposed to "having a wiggle" with somebody else while sailing the Mediterranean aboard the Sirocco. This became more than evident as soon as he and Aesha began getting hot and heavy on the show.

If Jack and Aesha are still together and living in the same spot, there is no evidence of that on Aesha's Instagram (which is very much up and running) at the very least. She appears to be living her very best life hanging with friends in London or "chasing waterfalls" à la TLC in Bali. Jack, however, is nowhere to be found on her page.

It's also totally possible Jack went back home and got together with the mystery girlfriend he left behind at the beginning of the season, in which case she is extremely chill. Unfortunately, the waters of Jack's romantic life are as murky as questions about where his homestead is. Without his social media to offer a decisive answer, all the information is secondhand and speculative.

But of course, Aesha wasn't the only major relationship from Jack's time on Below Deck Med. He also became close with Travis, whose Instagram actually does include quite a few posts with Jack. But if you were hoping for a location stamp with those, you're out of luck. At least it's good to know these two are still buddies, even if Travis had to work through his jealousy of Aesha.

Regardless of where Jack goes when the boat docks (or who he goes there with), there is one location where you can be guaranteed to find him: on the Sirocco every week on Bravo for as long as Season 4 of Below Deck Med lasts.

Below Deck Med airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.