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Corinne's Business Comes With Some Great Perks

Much has been made of the multimillion dollar business that Corinne Olympios runs on The Bachelor, but the vagueness of her comments on it have resulted in more questions than answers. If it's such a huge, lucrative business and Corinne is entirely in charge, then her presence must be integral to its success. How could she take a month off, give or take, to film the show? The business isn't even her only job, as profiles on Model Mayhem and ExploreTalent have shown, so how can she run her business from multiple locations? Where is Corinne's family business located?

In her bio for the show, Corinne explained that her business was an online one, so she could operate it from anywhere (though presumably she can't work from the Bachelor mansion, as the women don't get to occupy their time with anything that would distract from generating drama). When Corinne was shown working in her intro video in the premiere, she seemed to be working from home, which would mean the business is located in Corinne's hometown: Miami, Florida. This checks out with the location listed on the ArmorGarage website, which is presumed to be Corinne's family business even if it hasn't been confirmed onscreen yet.

Corinne may not have said her company's name on the show yet, but an interview with Glamour makes it clear that both her company and Armor Garage are in the same line of business: "I run my family's online business, doing epoxy floorings and roof coatings," she revealed. Providing epoxy floorings and roof coatings is exactly what ArmorGarage does too, and considering ArmorGarage is owned by a man named James Olympios, the family connection seems obvious.

Sales seem to work by phone or by online order, though ArmorGarage refers to itself as "not the most popular website" before asserting that they are nevertheless "the most detail orientated" and have "the best products of [its] kind." Interesting way of phrasing things for a multimillion dollar online business. ArmorGarage also appears to have two main areas of operation: Miami, its primary location where Corinne also resides, and Union, New Jersey, where they have a distribution and return center as well as a showroom.

So while Corinne's family business appears to have a home base in her hometown, her claims of being able to run it anywhere seem to have some legitimacy: as long as she's got a phone and a computer, she's probably good to go.