Drew Cason/ABC

'Bachelor' Nick Is Heading To Raven's Hometown

This season of The Bachelor has had its ups (literally, with that zero gravity plane date) and downs (like Shark Girl get eliminated), but surprising and altogether unique dates are pretty common on the show. And like most seasons, this one had contestants from all over the country and even Canada in relatively major cities, but as one of the hometown date recipients, Raven's stomping grounds is a little unknown. So, where is Raven's hometown Hoxie located? The Bachelor contestant is probably big news to the small town, and it'll definitely a nice change of scenery for fans who don't know much about the area.

Hoxie, Arkansas is about 120 northeast of Little Rock, the state's capital city, and according to city-data.com it has a population of 2,710 as of 2014. To give you a little perspective on that statistic, Little Rock has a population of almost 200,000, so yeah, I'd say it's a pretty small town. But that all seems to fit Raven pretty well, considering she possesses that adorable small town charm, along with the slight twang, that makes her so instantly likable.

Surprisingly, Raven already met Nick's family in his hometown earlier in the season and their date — which included attending his sister's soccer game — went so well that it made Nick and Raven seem closer than ever. It was also on this date where Raven opened about her last relationship and her connection with Nick started to really grow. So now it's his turn to see where Raven is from in Hoxie.

Season 21 of The Bachelor has been full of ambitious and professional women, including nurses, business owners, and teachers, and less so of the models and aspiring reality TV stars that sometimes find their way into the mix. Among them was Raven, who is one of those accomplished business owners. Her shop, Grey Suide is in Jonesboro, Arkansas, which is only about 30 minutes away from Hoxie, so it's safe to say that she's remained the small town girl through and through.

Hoxie might not be the most exciting hometown date on The Bachelor, but it's also a welcome change from the bigger cities and from the tropical locales the show is famous for having their Bachelor and contestants travel to. And if the small town charm of Hoxie doesn't help Nick keep Raven, then really it's his loss in the end because this southern belle seems like a real keeper.