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Where Is King Ezekiel On 'The Walking Dead'? He's Been Missing Since His Introduction

The focus of The Walking Dead has narrowed considerably during the first half of Season 7. Each episode has followed a single storyline for the length of its run, dealing with one specific character or community instead of checking in with everyone. This means that many episodes can go by without seeing the same character twice, leaving fans in the lurch until the show decides to check in on them again. Episode 2, "The Well," caught up with Carol and Morgan as they adjusted to the Kingdom, and also gave fans their first taste of the tiger-befriending leader, King Ezekiel. However, he's been missing in action since that episode. So where is King Ezekiel on The Walking Dead?

With nary a mention of Ezekiel since his introduction, fans can only guess at what he's been up to in the interim. It's worth pointing out that time passes much slower in-universe, so it has likely been less than a week since Ezekiel and Carol met. That may be hard to believe, but Tara and Heath's supply run only lasted two weeks even though it spanned nine episodes. So one can assume that Ezekiel has been doing the same thing he was doing before he appeared: handling business as usual.

Though it feels like ages since anyone has seen Ezekiel (or Carol and Morgan, for that matter), it hasn't been nearly that long in the world of the show. Unless a major showdown occurred offscreen, then Ezekiel's actions are easy to guess. He has an entire Kingdom to run, after all, which probably means a lot of responsibilities are taking up his time; he's also just getting to know Carol, which may be another relationship that has been developing since fans saw them last.

The Kingdom was depicted as a relatively happy community that had settled into a comfortable routine. People had jobs and supplies; they were producing food and singing folk songs in the choir. It was probably closer to a pre-apocalypse level of comfort than anything that has been shown on The Walking Dead before. Everything was running smoothly, even the Kingdom's regular meetings with the exacting Saviors, who showed up to receive their usual supply tithe in the form of some slaughtered pigs (who had been chowing down on some walkers earlier, which could become a point of interest later on).

Unless the show is keeping a huge twist on the back-burner, it seems fair to assume that the reason Ezekiel and the Kingdom haven't been featured in weeks is because nothing of note has been happening there. It overlooks character development for plot, but that's how things have been on the show lately. Once Ezekiel is relevant to the storyline once again, he'll be back onscreen with Shiva by his side.