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Where Is Sasha Obama At The Farewell Address?

President Obama gave his farewell address in Chicago Tuesday night, and during his speech, he made sure to give a loving shout out to his family. First lady Michelle Obama and daughter Malia were both there to support the POTUS as he said goodbye, but Sasha was notably absent. Where was Sasha Obama at the farewell address? Many have taken to social media looking for the answer — so many, in fact, that a #WhereIsSasha hashtag even started trending.

Update: The White House confirmed Tuesday night that Sasha couldn't make the farewell address in Chicago because she had an exam at school the next day.

Obama's farewell address was chock full of encouraging messages and moments that made many of us want to give him standing ovations from our own living rooms, but hearing the president speak about his wife and girls was particularly heartwarming and amazing. The love and closeness the Obamas have always displayed has been inspiring — mostly because it seemed so authentic and real. Seeing both Michelle and Malia looking both emotional and proud only seemed to further cement that idea, though that's also the reason, why it seems to surprising that Sasha wasn't there to join them. For now at least, it seems like we won't actually know why she was missing during her father's important final speech to the nation (and Romper's request for comment wasn't immediately returned) but that doesn't mean it's impossible to speculate.

Though it wasn't confirmed ahead of time whether or not the Obama girls would be in attendance at the president's speech in Chicago, the fact that they've attended many important events in honor of their father — coupled with the importance of this particular night — made it seem like assuming they'd be front and center would be totally fair. Although some social media users have jokingly wondered if Sasha was grounded, or maybe back at the White House having a party in her parents' absence, one theory that could explain why she was missing is that, well, it's a school night.

Although her older sister has already graduated high school and is currently on a gap year before heading to Harvard in the fall, Sasha is still attending high school in Washington, according to NBC News. And although you'd think "my dad is giving his farewell presidential address" would be a pretty good excuse for skipping class, it's entirely possible she had to stay in town.

Given that most of the country seemed totally and completely heartbroken over the reality that this was Obama's final address to the nation, it's also possible that perhaps Sasha thought it might be too difficult to sit and watch. After all, her sister could be seen wiping away tears during the President's speech, and even Obama himself got emotional as he spoke.

Although it's unclear how Sasha felt about her father's final speech, in September, Michelle Obama told Ellen Degeneres that leaving the White House was going to be difficult on both of her girls:

I’m sure the girls will have a tough time. They think they’re ready, but when you’ve grown up in a place … I mean, imagine: They won’t be able to knock on a door and say, ‘Can I see my room?’ That’s not gonna happen.

You can't really blame them either, especially considering that both Malia and Sasha pretty much grew up in the White House — they were only 7 and 10 when their father was first elected.

It's not yet known if the official explanation behind Sasha's absence will be revealed — even if pretty much the entire Twitterverse seems to be dying to find out. But whether she was there in person or not, it's clear that Sasha was on her father's mind during his memorable speech. And chances are, wherever she is tonight, she was feeling pretty proud of her dad, too.