Where is Townville, South Carolina? The Town Is Making Headlines For The Worst Reason

On what was a seemingly normal Wednesday afternoon, reports circulated of an elementary school shooting in Townville, South Carolina. At this time, a teenage suspect has been taken into custody, and three injuries have been reported; two children and a teacher. As more reports flood in, concerned citizens (and especially parents) are asking themselves, "Where is Townville, South Carolina?" Unfortunately, the small town is making headlines for the worst possible reason.

Townsville is an unincorporated community in Anderson County, South Carolina. In fact, Townsville is such a small town that you won't find much when you search for it online or through the omnipresent Google. A reported 3,913 people live in Townville, with a population density of 110 people per square mile. 94 percent of people of Townville, are white. The small town sits about 15 miles west-northwest of Anderson, the nearest city, and is off of Highway 12. Beyond a few listings for quaint, farm-styles homes that seem nothing short of picturesque, not much can be found about Townville. Well, that was until Wednesday afternoon.

Now, a quick search will show the most recent developments in the latest school shooting. Little is known about the shooter, only that he or she is a teenager and they have been apprehended. Little is known of the three victims, including the extend of their injuries.

Currently, it's being reported that one child was airlifted from the school to a pediatric trauma center. Ambulances brought a female teacher, identified as the teacher who was shot during the incident, and another student to the AnMed Health Medical Center, where they're currently being treated. It has also been confirmed to CBS News that a person was found dead on a dirt road near the Townville Elementary school, and investigators are currently attempting to determine if the two scenes are in any way related.

As more details are released and the statuses on all three victims and the shooter are made known, the entire country is sure to find out more about Townville. Like many of the towns or cities that have come before, especially Newtown, citizens are sure to talk about how quiet and beautiful their town is; how everyone knows everyone; how everyone is kind and generous. The country will hear stories about how no one thought it could happen here, in this beautiful, quaint, quiet town. Sadly, however, it did, and just like before, the country is going to learn about another quiet town, for all the wrong reasons.