Elf on the Shelf a Christmas Tradition at Target
Courtesy of Target

Where To Buy Elf On The Shelf Because It's Inevitable

Maybe your kid came home from school all excited about Elf on the Shelf and now wants one. But let’s face it- Elf on the Shelf is a commitment, and do you really need one more thing to have to do during the holidays? Probably not. Thing is, you want to create happy new holiday traditions with your child, so you agree to get it. But where can you buy Elf on The Shelf? (Spoiler: Everywhere.)

Sure, you could swing on by your local Target (which carries Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition), Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, or even Hallmark. But to make it more official—and get your child in on all the excitement—visit the Elf on the Shelf website, where you’ll find a Santa-approved Scout Elf Adoption Center nearest you. Don’t feel like schlepping to a store? You can always order your Elf from Amazon ($30) or even on eBay, where you might be able to get a deal.

Since Elf on the Shelf is sold nearly everywhere, you shouldn’t have too much trouble trying to track one down. That said, other parents might be thinking about adopting an Elf, too, so quantities could be limited.

Once your Elf is home, (and you’ve switched his location around for a few days), you might want to change things up a bit. You can give him a new look with the Claus Couture Donut Be Naughty PJs ($10), which might make moving him a little less miserable and also give a subtle reminder to your kids to be good — or else.

Elf on the Shelf isn’t just a toy and a book; it’s like welcoming a new member into the family. So be sure to announce your new Elf’s arrival to your home in a special way. That way, your kids (and maybe even you) will be even more excited to start the holiday season.

Or, you know, you can always pick up an Elf on the Shelf during a kid-free shopping excursion when you finally have five minutes to yourself. Totally your choice.