Here's Where To Buy The Fingerling Playsets To Complete Your Kid's Collection

The Fingerlings are here, and I'm not talking about some kind of new artisanal potato of which you're not familiar. Fingerlings are basically the toy fad of the moment, in the same vein that Hatchimals, Tamagotchi, and Furbies have been over the years — and I guarantee you, your kid already wants one. Fingerlings themselves are surprisingly cute baby robot monkeys that respond to human touch and movement. And of course, they come with accessories — because what popular toy doesn't have a full set of accessories? Here's where to buy the Fingerling playsets — but I'll warn you, they're going to be just as hard to get as the Fingerlings figures.

Fingerlings are the brainchild of WowWee Toys, a toy manufacturer with a pretty robust line up of robotic toys so far — but Fingerlings have upped WowWee's robotic cuteness factor by like, 1,000. The company has branched out its Fingerlings line of toys to its own website — — so you won't be able to buy them direct from the WowWee company website, unlike several of its other toys. Thankfully, at least two major retailers will carry Fingerlings playsets in both stores and online — at least in theory. Like I said, these Fingerlings things are selling like hotcakes.

Toys "R" Us

When you first go to the Fingerlings website, you'll see a button for "Buy Now!" — but don't be fooled. The website merely redirects you to the websites of major retailers carrying the toys online, based on where you live. Currently, you can get Fingerlings in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Toys "R" Us appeared to be the only major retailer in the United States that carries all three available Fingerlings playsets: Monkey Bars and Swing (pictured above), Jungle Gym, and Teeter Totter. Fingerlings playset stock at Toys "R" Us varies — the Teeter Totter was available as of Wednesday morning, but now no longer appears on the Toys "R" Us website.

Target — If You're Lucky

Just like Toys "R" Us, Target's availability of Fingerlings playsets is equally as scarce. The Teeter Totter (pictured above) must be as rare as the Unicorn Fingerling, because Target seems to be out of this one, too. Last I checked, Target was out of every Fingerlings playset within a 100-mile radius from where I live north of Boston, Massachusetts — but head to Target's website and you just might have more luck than I did.


At this point, what can't you buy on Amazon? Of course you can buy Fingerlings playsets on Amazon — but don't expect to find any that are Amazon Prime eligible. Every Fingerlings playset you see being sold on Amazon is being sold by a third-party retailer, and they will gladly charge you a premium due to supply and demand. This pictured Jungle Gym playset will set you back a little less than twice the MSRP.


Oh eBay — the last bastion of desperate parents who will do anything to get their child that toy that they've just got to have or they'll just die like for real, mom and dad. Fingerling playsets on eBay are going for pretty ridiculous prices, with many easily over $100 a pop. For some colorful plastic that your kid may or may not still play with this time next year, that's a lot of money.

It appears as though Fingerlings haven't yet fallen victim to the level of Hatchimals scarcity that plagued parents through the 2016 holiday season well into the spring of this year — but these playsets are getting harder and harder to find. It won't be long now before there's a whole Fingerlings playset black market out there... Good luck and godspeed on your quest to get your child one of his or her own.

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