Here's Where You Can Find The Luvabella & Luvabeau Dolls

From Tickle Me Elmo to Hatchimals, parents know the struggle is real when it comes to getting your children the most anticipated and popular toy for Christmas. When I was a kid, my mom stood in line for hours to find me a Cabbage Patch Doll, and now I do the same for Nintendo consoles for my daughters. This year, the hype is all about adorable robotic baby dolls. They’re elusive and sold out in most stores, but you should still know where to get Luvabella and Luvabeau dolls for Christmas this year.

It’s not a shock to see why they’ve been selling out so quickly. According to the creator, Spin Master, the dolls are able to say over 100 words and phrases with over 500 different responses. They giggle when you tickle them, make realistic facial expressions, eat, sleep, and even burp. There’s a baby boy version, Luvabeau, and a girl version, Luvabella, which makes it the ultimate baby doll. Its interactive features will have kids excited and engaged for hours.

For the most part, it seems the Luvabella and Luvabeau dolls are sold out in stores, so your best bet is to find them online. The Luvabeau is a little harder to find, but one can hope that more stock of both dolls is added to stores like Toys "R" Us before Christmas.

If you are looking for a dark-haired doll, you're in luck. The Luvabella with Dark Brown Hair is available straight from the manufacturer, Spin Master, for its original price of $99. If it sells out there (which I’m sure it will before Christmas), you can find it on Walmart’s website being sold by Southbay Electronics for $160.

Luvabella - Dark Brown Hair, $99, Spin Master; Luvabella - Dark Brown Hair - Responsive Baby Doll with Realistic Expressions and Movement, $160, Walmart

While it may be impossible to find in store, if you’re in search of a Luvabella doll with Blonde Hair, you can find it on Walmart’s website, sold by King Toys for $148. You can also find the blonde doll on Ebay starting at $130.

Luvabella - Blonde Hair - Responsive Baby Doll with Realistic Expressions and Movement, $148, Walmart; Luvabella Blonde Doll, $130 +, Ebay.

The Brunette Luvabella Doll is also sold out at most toy stores, but you can it find at Walmart for $97, or if it sells out, you can get it through resellers on Amazon for $149 or on Ebay for over $130.

Luvabella - Brunette Hair, $97, Walmart; Luvabella - Brunette Hair - Responsive Baby Doll with Realistic Expressions and Movement, $149, Amazon; Luvabella Brunette Doll, $130 +, Ebay

The Luvabeau Baby Boy Interactive Doll is out of stock at Toys "R" Us and everywhere else for its original price of $99, but you can find it from resellers on Amazon or Ebay. There are a few other retailers like Toy Wiz and Price Falls that also carry the Luvabeau doll for a hefty price tag of over $200.

Luvabeau Boy Interactive Doll, $180, Amazon; Luvabeau Responsive Baby Blond Hair Exclusive Doll, $210, Toy Wiz; Blonde Luvabeau Doll, $300, Price Falls; Luvabeau Baby Boy Doll, $165 to $300, Ebay.

It's a good idea to keep an eye on stock-tracking websites like Now In Stock or Zoolert if you are trying to avoid paying ridiculous resale prices. Either way, keep the struggle alive, because to see the excitement and smiles on your child's face this Christmas is well worth it.

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