From Hei Hei To Zazu, Here's Which Disney Sidekick You Relate To Most As A Mom

My family's collection of Disney movies are among some of our most treasured possessions. Being able to show my kids the movies that I grew up watching, as well as enjoy the new releases they love, is an absolute joy. I've taken the requisite "Which Disney Princess Are You Most Like" internet quizzes (It's always, Ariel. Always.) but I'm left wondering about the sidekicks. You know, those tag-a-long pals that buddy up to our beloved main characters and cheer them on. So, which Disney sidekick do you relate to as a mom?

I bet you're already thinking of a few of your favorite sidekicks in your mind and how they might size up to your parenting style. Are you a cheerleader like Olaf, championing for your kids with love and admiration even if you're also a little scatterbrained? Are you a sassy, yet helpful pixie like Tinkerbell, taking charge and narrowing your eyes when you have to come to your kid's rescue yet again?

Regardless of which Disney movies pull rank as your all time favorites, I bet one of these sidekicks boasts more of the character traits that you do as a mom than the others. Read on to see how you handle mom life according to the sidekick you relate to the most.



You're the mom who is always borrowing everything from everyone. Running out the door to do the school drop-off run, you snag your husband's sweatshirt, swipe a banana from your son's lunch, and grab the ponytail holder off of your daughter's wrist in order to help yourself look just a little bit more presentable in the carpool line. But just like Aladdin's favorite monkey pal, you're there for your kids no matter what, even if you do look a little sketchy doing it.



If you relate to Olaf from Frozen, you're the kind of mom whose head is always in the clouds. You see the best in everyone and are always there to cheer your kids on, but sometimes reality alludes you. You may know that snowmen melt in summer, but you probably didn't realize that today was crazy sock day at school even though your kid tried to remind you a few different times.



In Mulan, Mushu has plenty of attitude and perseveres through any and every obstacle. If you're anything like Mulan's dragon pal, you're the mom who GOES FOR IT no matter what. You've got enough drive and perseverance to tackle whatever life throws at you and you will stop at nothing to prove your love for your kids.



In The Lion King, Zazu tries his best to convince Simba to be cautious, but that young lion has to come into his own on his own terms. If you're anything like Zazu, you worry over every little thing your babies do, trying to protect them from the cold hard realities of the jungle (er, world) and you might even be a bit of a helicopter mom at times.



When your kid is in trouble, you squint those eyes, give your best Tinkerbell glare, and turn away in a huff, only to come back later with a sweet hug and a kind word. You're the mom with zero tolerance for B.S. and you're not afraid to let your kids know when you're angry, but you're also quick to forgive and wear your heart on your sleeve.


Jiminy Cricket

The stately and serious Jiminy Cricket serves as Pinocchio's conscience, which if we're being honest, is kind of the job of every mom to their kids. But if you relate most to this top-hat wearing cricket, you probably also serve as an example of the highest moral authority for your children. You set a good example, teach them right from wrong, and hold them to as high of a standard as you hold yourself.



This loveable bear from The Jungle Book casts a laid back vibe that chill moms can totally relate to. If you tend to walk around your house singing songs like "Bear Necessities" while doing a little jig to get your kids to take life a little less serious, then you can probably relate to Baloo on several levels. You're the mom who plays practical jokes on her kids and laughs your way through the ups and downs of parenthood.



Moms who relate to Flounder from The Little Mermaid are likely reading this with a bit of a worrisome undertone. You're the mom who frantically searches the internet for pictures of diaper rash to compare to your own kid's rash just in case you need to rush them to the emergency room. (Not that there's anything wrong with that — I'm a bit of a Flounder mom myself!)


Hei Hei

In Moana, Hei Hei is pretty much clueless. At one point, he thinks a rock is food. Sometimes, every mom feels like Hei Hei. You don't know up from down and right from left because you've birthed too many children and they're all demanding a snack right this minute and you're trying to juggle everything life throws at you, but you just can't do it anymore. So, you lose your ever-loving mind and wind up kind of like Hei Hei, scatterbrained, frazzled, and re-heating your coffee for the eleventh time in a row.



In Tangled, Pascal is Rapunzel's chameleon sidekick who is by her side day after day as she sits at the top of her tower just waiting for the day to come when she is rescued. But just like Rapunzel, Pascal is kind of quirky. Moms who relate to Pascal are the ones who walk to the beat of their own drums. The artsy, flower-child mamas who walk barefoot through life like Rapunzel, and view the world as an ever-evolving spectrum of color, much like Pascal's chameleon skin.