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Whitney Port Wants Her Baby's Gender To Be A Surprise

The moment expectant parents find out whether they’re having a boy or a girl is a beautiful moment, whether it’s at a gender reveal party or in the delivery room. And with all of the celebrity baby news sprouting up lately — Beyoncé's having twins, so are George and Amal Clooney, and former MTV star Lauren Conrad is expecting her first child — it’s hard not to wonder how they’ve decided to learn this exciting news. Well, we know we’ll have to wait for one former reality star’s big day in the delivery room because Whitney Port wants her baby’s gender to be a surprise and she seems totally prepared for either outcome.

"We’re not finding out," the 32-year-old expectant mama recently told People. "But it’s only one of two options, so it’s not that crazy! You’re kind of prepared either way."

The fashion designer and soon-to-be first time mom added that when she first learned she was pregnant, her baby’s gender preference bounced from boy to girl, but ultimately decided that the one thing that matters is her little one’s happiness and well being.

"At first I was like I really want a boy, they seem so much easier. And then now I’m like, I think I really want a girl," Port told People. "So you go back and forth but obviously at the end of the day all you want is a healthy baby, I don’t care what I get."

Last month, The Hills alum announced that she was expecting her first child with her husband Tim Rosenman, a television producer, in a beautiful Instagram photo showing off her growing baby bump (seen above) and in an exciting post on her personal website.

"When two people love each other so much and the love becomes too great to fit inside both people, it spills over into a THIRD person," Port wrote on her blog last month. "This is how I am going to explain where babies come from to the little baby that is now growing inside my belly because Timmy and I are PREGNANT!"

Gender reveal parties are one of the hottest trends for soon-to-be parents. We see videos of blue and pink cakes getting cut open and bundles of colored balloons being released out of boxes all over our social media feeds. But, despite this growing popularity (and another reason to have a party), Port has been firm throughout her pregnancy that she will do this parenting thing her own way.

"It’s so important not to be pressured by what other people are doing or how people are parenting," Port told People last month. "I never base my decisions based on what other people are doing, and so I’m just making sure that I’m continuing to stay true to that."

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Although Port has revealed that she wants to wait until her baby is born to find out his or her gender, she has kept mum about her due date. But, if she does decide to reveal that before her little one arrives, fans can rest assured that it will come in her own unique and stylish way.