Who Are Courtney & Eric Waldrop? The 'Sweet Home Sextuplets' Parents Always Wanted To Have A Big Family


Before becoming the proud parents of the first sextuplets born in Alabama in almost 10 years, Courtney and Eric Waldrop already had three small boys. But besides being parents to nine children under 9-years-old, who are Courtney and Eric Waldrop? The Sweet Home Sextuplets parents have been together for years and always planned to have a big family together, according to local Alabama news station WHNT News 19. To be more accurate, though, they were more than just high school sweethearts. WHNT News 19 reported that Courtney and Eric first got together in eighth grade.

On Courtney's Instagram, she called Eric the love of her life in an anniversary post celebrating 22 years together. And judging by their official Facebook page called God’s Divine Nine, it's clear that they also share the same faith, which seems to be a big part of their life together. Courtney wrote on Instagram in April:

Happy 22 Years to the Love of my life and best friend!!! Wow...where do I begin!! God had our love planned before we were on this earth. God knew we needed each other!! God knew He would give us nine little angels one day!! And God knew I needed this man to be my rock and my strength through all of lives journey!! Thank you God for unimaginable blessings and thank you for each day I live to love this man!!!!

Their upcoming TLC show is very new, however, and there’s still a lot to learn about the Waldrop family general.

Courtney and Eric have been candid about their journey to have the sextuplets on their Facebook page, but the plan wasn't necessarily to have six kids at once. Courtney said on Facebook that she was actually put on a low dosage of fertility treatments meant to lower the chances of exactly that and mentioned it again in the trailer for Sweet Home Sextuplets. But none of that seemed to matter in the end.

Because the show premieres on September 18, Courtney and Eric aren't exactly reality stars just yet. Therefore there isn't very much to go on in terms of their private lives outside of the show. Based on Eric's LinkedIn profile, however, it looks like he works at a landscaping company called Robinson & Waldrop Landscape. According to the company's website, they've been in business since 2005 and cover all facets of landscaping. And it's probably a good thing that he owns his own business, because raising nine small children can't be cheap.

"When they grow and we’re actually responsible for feeding them and changing them and still taking care of our other three — and trying to work and make money to raise them — that’s when it’s gonna get real," Eric said during a press conference following the birth of their sextuplets.

Before the Waldrops realized they were pregnant with sextuplets, they were already parents to five-year-old twins Wales and Bridge and their first son, eight-year-old Sailor. They named their now youngest sons Blu, Layke, and Tag, and the three girls, Rawlings, Rayne, and Rivers. Bringing a new baby into the fold is hectic enough with three children already at home, let alone bringing in six brand new tiny babies. Sweet Home Sextuplets will no doubt bring viewers a fresh dose of parental reality.