Matt's Parents Remain A Mystery On 'Married At First Sight'

Married at First Sight fans know that no matter how promising the show’s newlywed couples look, they’re bound to face some post-wedding issues. Matt Gwynne and Amber Bowles seem like a great match, but when Matt’s family didn’t show up to the wedding, it raised some red flags for Amber. He’s talked about having a strained relationship with his mom and dad, which has viewers wondering, who are Matt’s parents on Married at First Sight?

As of now, the only information about Matt’s parents is what he’s revealed on the show. In Episode 3, when Amber asked Matt why his parents didn’t come to the wedding, he told her that it was because he never told them about it. He explained how his parents’ split caused a rift in the family.

My parents were recently divorced, within the last two years,” Matt says in the episode. “You know, a lot of stuff went down, and it’s just been a really difficult situation at home.” He tells Amber that he hasn’t spoken to his father in years, and he would have felt weird calling him out of the blue and telling him about the wedding. Matt also admits that he considered talking to his mom about the wedding, but decided not to because he didn’t want to burden this new relationship with his family drama.

When Amber and Matt sit down to meet each other’s families, Matt’s friends ending up standing in for his parents. They tell Amber a few fun facts about Matt — like the fact that he’s a great songwriter and can play almost any instrument — but don’t disclose any information about his family.

Later, when Matt sits down to talk to Amber’s parents, they ask him why he didn’t invite his family to the wedding. “It just didn’t feel right,” he responds. “You know, I wanted people there who were in a good place, that are positive and supportive, and I wanted everybody to get along. I didn’t want any drama. I was worried that if they all came there would just be some problems, and I didn’t want that.”


But despite all the issues he has with his family, Matt tells Amber’s parents that he’s open to reconnecting when the time is right. “I’ve always been really close with my family, and that’s why the recent event and everything that’s happened, it’s really difficult,” he says. “I was kind of the same way. I talked to my mom every other day, talked to my dad every week. That’s why it’s really been tough, and that’s why I truly believe that when the time is right, we will reconnect and figure things out. It’s just a shame that the timing of this thing’s taking place right now, because I would love for them to be here.”

If Matt is truly considering reaching out to his parents, it’s possible fans will get to hear more about them as the season progresses. New episodes of Married at First Sight air Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.