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If You're Thirsty For Info On Tayshia's Fam, It'll Be A Wait, 'Bachelor' Fans

The connections Colton's made over the last few weeks of The Bachelor are clearer than ever. Each relationship has its own chemistry and set of rules. With four women remaining and hometowns on the horizon, you're probably itching for answers about each contestant's background — most notably, who the heck they call Mom and Dad. As one of the women Colton's been most attracted to, it's important to know who Tayshia’s parents are, what their story is, and how she became the woman she is today. In the event Tayshia is the lucky lady Colton extends the final rose, and his heart, to for life, viewers are going to need more on what she's about.

If you're thirsty for the scoop on Tayshia's parents, you'll have to wait until the hometown visit airs. Sorry, but there just isn't much swirling on the net about her mom and pops. If you need something to fill the void, there's plenty out there about Tayshia's ex-husband, Josh Bourelle, and new info emerging about her alleged relationship with model, Chase Olswang. But in scouring her social media pages, little is said about the two people that made her aside from a few random posts here and there. Based on what I can gather, Tayshia and her father appear to have a close relationship as she posted a picture on Father's Day as a tribute saying, "To the man that has taught me so much about life, through GREAT times and some tough love.. You're are wild one but I wouldn't change that for the world!! Happy Fathers Day Pops!!" It's easy to see where she gets her adventurous spirit from. They're basically identical.

That aside, the California contestant seems to post more about her job as a phlebotomist, volunteer work with church and mission trips, and Bachelor content than anything family-related. They may be private people. Not everyone wants to be in the spotlight and that's OK. It could also mean Tayshia doesn't live close enough to take pictures of her parents, or maybe she's taken pictures that never get posted for whatever reason. Either way, if you want to get to know her parents, I'm guessing her hometown visit will let viewers into that private world.

Then again, there are plenty of pictures of Tayshia and her little brother (who she seems to be really close with) scattered throughout her Instagram page between scenic views and fun with friends. Whether it's T and little bro hanging by a fire, after a Boy Scouts ceremony, or after his first grade musical, she's quick to hashtag #favoritesister — a reference to burn sister, Dominique (who has a private Instagram account).

Regardless of who Tayshia's parents are, it's clear her family is as important to her as Colton's is to his. She may not get tons of screen time to share more about her roots, but the sparkle in her eyes shows how loved she must be, and it's the kind of a smile that runs in the family.

As far as Mom goes, sometimes a simple Tweet explains it all.

So maybe you don't have all the info you need to feel properly prepared for the next episode of The Bachelor, but so goes life. Sometimes the internet blesses you with little nuggets, and others, you take what you can get and walk away graciously. To Tayshia's mysterious parents: you're the real MVPs every Monday night. Never forget.

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