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Who Are The 'Big Brother 18' Mystery Houseguests? Rumor Has It There Are 4 Other Guests

The biggest twist Big Brother 18 seems to be sitting on this season involves the number of houseguests entering the Big Brother house this summer. The Big Brother 18 cast was revealed on Monday, June 13, just ahead of the June 22nd premiere. But there were conspicuously few contestants introduced. Only 12 names were released, which, fans may notice, is an awfully small Big Brother cast. So are there more houseguests on Big Brother 18?

Thankfully, an eagle-eyed fan discovered a Canadian promo that reveals the twist. Four additional people seem to be entering the house as "mystery guests," and, although we likely won't learn their identities until the first week the show airs, there's been plenty of speculation about who they may be. The prominent theory is that there will be some sort of reboot of Big Brother 14's "Coach's Twist." Four veteran cast members will return to the house for another chance to win, though most of the fan theories agree that the mentorship element of the last version didn't really work for the show. Most fans think it will be scrapped in favor of some other veteran set-up. One idea floating around is that the returning guests will have a staggered reentry into the show. This is primarily due to that Canadian promo referring to them merely as "guests" and not as the more formal "houseguests."

In other words, the theory goes, the four mystery guests would be in a separate contestant pool that goes up against the evicted houseguest each week for a shot reenter the house — sort of like the BB version of Top Chef's "Last Chance Kitchen." The show's executive producers told The Hollywood Reporter that a new competition would be woven into the game this season which would switch up the usual workings of the house. This might be the twist they're talking about.

As for who the four returning guests might be, there were two different possible lists circulating. The first batch was Audrey Middleton (BB17), Derrick Levasseur (BB16), Vanessa Rousso (BB17) and Ian Terry (BB14). Ian later confirmed that he was not returning and Vanessa is currently competing in the World Series of Poker. (Though she did say she was "itching" to return to the game and her younger sister Tiffany is a confirmed houseguest this season. So it would be a cool addition for Vanessa to return.)

The second rumored list is James Huling (BB17), Nicole Franzel (BB16), Da’Vonne Rogers (BB17), and Frank Eudy (BB14). Note that both lists have two Season 17 contestants, one from BB16, and one from BB14. Also, both lists contain two men and two women. So it's possible that those factors are the constants here, even if the names aren't quite right. Luckily, we won't have to wait very much longer to find out who's in.