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Rumer Willis Is Heading To 'Empire'

by Chrissy Bobic

She's been working in show business since she was a kid and Rumer Willis has managed to stay in the limelight and out of her famous parents’ shadows enough to appear in plenty of movies and TV shows over the years. Now, she’ll be making an appearance on FOX’s Empire and it’s clear that she’s all grown up. But who does Rumer Willis play on Empire?

When Season 3 ended for its fall break, Jamal was entering rehab, finally getting the help he’s needed for a while, and when the second half of Season 3 of Empire picks back up Wednesday night, Jamal will still be in the rehab facility his family sent him to. Willis plays a fellow patient and Jamal’s apparent new BFF, Tory Ash, who’s a former singer/star and who will butt heads with Cookie at some point.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ oldest daughter has played various roles over the years, including an outcast sorority girl in The House Bunny and a drug dealer in the Comedy Central series Workaholics. So there’s no doubt that she has what it takes to join the formidable and insanely talented cast of Empire as Tory Ash. But since Jamal will likely be clean soon, hopefully his involvement with her won’t mean any eventual backsliding for the Lyon cub. And maybe Tory could continue to help him on the road to recovery?

Funny enough, later this season, Demi Moore will also appear in the Season 3 finale of Empire in what will be the beginning of a recurring role as a troubled nurse with a mysterious past. On a primetime musical soap opera, I really wouldn’t expect any less. Right now, Willis is slated to appear in at least two episodes, but how her story will intertwine with Jamal’s remains to be seen. Nevertheless, seeing her interact with Cookie and further agitate the already perpetually stressed out music producer might be the best part about the character.

In a sneak peek for the second half of Season 3 of Empire, Willis’ Tory meets Cookie, Andre, and Hakeem during their visit to the rehab facility. And already she has strong words for Cookie. “From what Jamal’s told me, I’m surprised all the Lyon cubs aren’t in rehab,” Tory says in the clip. (And I mean, harsh, but fair.)

Willis’ talents don’t stop at acting though, which is likely why she was cast to play a fellow singer on Empire. On an episode of Sway in the Morning in October 2016, she sang live on the air and blew him away, and also went on tour last year. Before that, Willis played Roxie in Chicago on Broadway, so she definitely has the legitimate music talent to backup her new character on Empire.

Season 3 of Empire returns to FOX on Wednesday March 22 with nine more episodes. Can't wait!