Rick Rowell/ABC

A Flash From Nick's Past Made A Surprise Visit

As a rule, The Bachelor is no stranger to bringing back old flames or having surprise contestants come in once the show is already well underway. But on Monday's episode, Nick had a chance encounter with a real-life ex-girlfriend who isn't part of the Bachelor Nation at all, causing fans to ask: who is Nick's ex Amber on The Bachelor? She's never been a contestant, but is instead part of Nick's life before he was ever such a permanent fixture in Bachelor Nation.

I'm not going to speculate on whether or not bumping into his ex was totally organic, but Nick's ex on The Bachelor definitely made things awkward for a minute. Between that and then Liz's revelations before he said goodbye to her, the guy can't really catch a break this season. It's not that impossible of a scenario, though, given that Nick and Danielle L. were at a bakery and then walking down the street in his own hometown. But having the Bachelor run into his ex while out on a date with someone else, while filming, was just too perfect to be a coincidence.

Both Nick and Amber went to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and dated for just a few months, long before she married her husband in 2010. According to a Facebook that appears to be hers, Amber's last name is now Allan and she's happily married, with kids too, so there's no real threat. But that doesn't mean that the seemingly random exchange between Nick and his ex on The Bachelor was going to be fun, at least for Danielle L.

As it turned out, though, meeting with Amber was a blessing in disguise for Danielle L. The interaction was short, but Amber was able to answer some questions about Nick and their past together and, according to Danielle L., she was super friendly and open with her. Amber said that, like everyone, Nick is driven by his heart to try and find real love, so it was probably comforting to Danielle L. And after only knowing his exes from the world of The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, it was a refreshing change to see that Nick did have girlfriends in the real world too.

I don't know how authentic that scene was, with Nick "randomly" seeing Amber in the front window of coffee shop, but you know they had to include something from Nick's past since they were visiting his actual hometown after all. And in the end, it gave peace of mind to Danielle L. at least.