Helen Sloan/HBO

A 'Game Of Thrones' Fan Favorite Could Be In Jeopardy

With all of this dragon fire blowing around, along with the Cersei vs. Daenerys fight for the Seven Kingdoms, some of us may have forgotten about the real threat looming in the North. I'm referring to the White Walkers, of course. You know, just your run-of-the-mill dead folks who can only be killed with Valyrian steel or dragonglass. But since Bran’s latest vision in the Episode 5 promo shows him thousands of Walkers marching toward Eastwatch, who is at Eastwatch on Game of Thrones right now and could therefore be in danger? It includes some very familiar faces, unfortunately.

If you remember, back in the Season 7 premiere, Jon gave the order for Tormund and the Wildlings to make their way to Eastwatch, a castle located on the far east end of The Wall near the Shivering Sea. According to the Game of Thrones intro this season, the sea is now frozen over. This means that the Night King and his army can simply march right over it to Eastwatch, kill pretty much everyone, and continue their invasion.

But since I refuse to believe that this is how we lose Tormund, one of Jon’s closest allies and friends, the preview for Episode 5 does let fans know that Jon is well aware of the threat looming north and the fact that everyone at Eastwatch is in immediate danger, which means there's a chance he could try to get some of that dragonglass to them ASAP.

Maybe he can get there a little faster by, say, riding a dragon? OK, it probably won’t be that easy for Jon to make a connection with Daenerys’ dragons, but now that she’s gotten a win under her belt for one of the battles in the war for Westeros, it’s time to focus on what Jon has been saying all along about the White Walkers being the more serious threat to the realm. If they make it through The Wall and past Winterfell too, there’s an entire continent for the White Walkers to spread out and lay waste to, putting a ton of characters we care about in serious danger.

If Jon can get a bunch of dragonglass to the North soon, then Tormund and the other Wildlings might stand a chance against the incoming White Walkers. They’re meant to be at Eastwatch to keep an eye out for the White Walkers and since Bran’s vision clearly showed him what’s coming, Season 7 just might show the White Walker invasion Game of Thrones fans have been anticipating.

Either way, this could sadly mean the end of Tormund Giantsbane and the possibility of him ever having glorious white and red-haired babies with Brienne.