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Brett Robinson Has A Specific Strategy For His Game Play On 'Big Brother'

If I had a dollar for every time someone gave away their Big Brother strategy and then nixed it a week after actually going into the Big Brother house, I’d have more than enough money to pay for a season’s worth of CBS All Access. That’s not to say that some of the strategies for winning don't work, though. For example, Brett Robinson on Big Brother already had a pretty intricate plan going into the house, which may give his newfound fans some hope for his longevity this season.

On his Big Brother bio, Brett revealed his step-by-step plan for gaining trust and favor in the Big Brother house this season. "I plan to go in and establish a minor amount of control initially. Then, immediately pull back from the spotlight," he said. "From there, I will rotate face time with every single person in the house. It will have to be handled tastefully. I also plan to lie about my current occupation and life. I want people to think I am just a dumb surfer/model guy. Then, I will slowly plant my seeds of stories throughout the entire house, causing chain reactions that I will have to dynamically calculate on the fly."

It’s not the worst plan in the world and the fact that Brett was already prepared before going into the house could work well for him. In real life, he’s a cybersecurity engineer, so it’s definitely not wise to sleep on him this season.

Sonja Flemming/CBS

This season on Big Brother, there are the usual 20-somethings that make up the majority of the cast and Brett is among them, since he’s just 25 years old. He’s still not the youngest this season, though, as the youngest houseguest is just 21.

As a clearly intelligent and tech-savvy guy, Brett’s main goal is to trick the other houseguests into thinking he’s something that he’s not in order to gain their trust and, eventually, have control over them. As we’ve seen with past seasons, that strategy rarely works and Brett himself admitted in an Entertainment Tonight interview that houseguests can't always count on their plans for working once in the house. But he’s definitely looked at it from a number of different angles and even called Big Brother "the truest form of a social experiment."

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Brett has much going for him in terms of social media, though that could be because in his line of work he prefers to stay under the radar on social media. Right now, it looks like he doesn't have any Instagram or Twitter accounts to scour through in order to get to know him better before Big Brother 20 officially starts. It’s probably safe to say, however, that Brett is one of the more strategic houseguests this season — and one who plans on doing whatever he can to get far.

Brett listed working out as one of his hobbies, so he may be able to excel at some of the physical competitions his season. But it really looks like the mental comps are where it’s at for him. In his eyes, the Big Brother game is about emotional control and dominance and he seems to have things figured out from that standpoint, at least for right now.

Then again, his entire mindset could change once the season officially begins, especially if a showmance gets in the way, which he told Entertainment Tonight he is open to, but he also added, "The plan is to stay focused and stay driven" in getting to that $500,000 light at the end of the tunnel.