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Rachel May Not Get Along With Bryan's Mom On 'The Bachelorette'

Rachel Linsday and her four remaining suitors return to the States from their Scandinavian adventure next week to embark upon hometown dates and, in the case of chiropractor Bryan Abasolo, that means the pair are headed to Miami. From the looks of some already released production stills, it looks like their rainy date involves going out for ice cream, salsa dancing, and playing dominoes with some nice looking elderly folks. But on their last one-on-one date, Bryan mentioned that his previous relationship ended because of his mother. So who is Bryan's mom on The Bachelorette? Viewers didn't even catch a glimpse of her in the preview, so you'll have to wait and see what she has in store.

Bryan definitely posts a lot with his family on Instagram and there are several photos of him with his parents. It's clear she's an important figure in his life. But fans don't actually know all that much about her, other than that his family is devoutly Catholic and she spent Carnival 2016 dressed as a nun. He was pretty vague about the details of the fight that broke up his last relationship, but we do know that his ex-girlfriend attended a wedding with his family, there was a disagreement between her and Bryan's mother, and following the trip, Bryan's girlfriend decided to break things off with him, citing his mother as the reason why it wouldn't work.

Editor’s Note: The Instagram post has since been deleted.

One possible hint as to what may have happened between them could lurk in an old Instagram post of Bryan's from election night. He posted a meme reading "But did you die?" along with the caption: "My response to everyone who will cry and complain tomorrow about their candidate losing #election2016#lifegoeson #dealwithit #peaceandlove"

Oof. The tone certainly seems to imply a lack of social consciousness, considering the fact that many lives are threatened under a Trump administration, whether because of his immigration policy or healthcare bills, just to name a few. It isn't quite enough to suggest that Bryan himself voted for Trump, let alone any of his family members. But it does suggest a certain political apathy which may have alienated his last girlfriend and which could certainly turn off his current girlfriend. It will be interesting to see if his family espouses certain cultural leanings that may be a deal breaker for a progressive woman like Rachel in the current political climate.

Stay tuned to The Bachelorette's hometowns episode next Monday night to see if ABC dares to go there.