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8 Things We Learned About Amy Schumer's Sweet Husband In Her Hilarious Netflix Special

by Gillian Walters

Amy Schumer's new comedy special, Growing, made its debut on Netflix today. The hilarious project largely focuses on her pregnancy and her marriage to Chris Fischer. Considering Schumer's beau isn't one for the spotlight, it's fair Growing has raised new questions about who Chris Fischer is and how he's handling impending fatherhood.

After splitting with ex-boyfriend Ben Hanisch in May 2017, Schumer began dating Fischer, a chef she met in fall 2016 during a vacation to Martha's Vineyard, according to People. The relationship moved at warp speed, with the two marrying in February 2018, just months after their romance went public. "I just, I wanted to sign all available paperwork to commit to this man," Schumer told Oprah Winfrey about her desire to settle down with Fischer, according to E! News. Aww.

The couple hit another milestone in October 2018 when Schumer announced they're expecting their first child together. "Chris and I are thrilled and almost positive he's the father," Schumer quipped to The Los Angeles Times about the pregnancy. "I look forward to competing with [Meghan] Markle every step of the way."

Fischer didn't release a public statement about the pregnancy because he tends to be more of a private guy. Although the chef appears in plenty of Schumer's Instagram photos, it's pretty clear he's content to hang out in the background and play the role of supportive husband. But just because Fischer isn't as outspoken as his S.O., it doesn't mean his life isn't interesting or worth knowing more about.

If anything, Growing is proof that Fischer is a unique, funny, and wonderful person who suits Schumer perfectly. And on that note, here are eight things we learned about Fischer in Growing.

He Keeps It Real

A sign of a great partner is their ability to keep it real with you. Schumer has found this quality in Fischer, who never shies away from telling her like it is.

"He says whatever is on his mind. He keeps it so real. He doesn't care about social norms or what you expect him to say or do," she explained in the special. "You know, if I say to him, does this look like sh*t? He'll be like, yeah you have a lot of other clothes why don't you wear those?"

Well, you can't knock the guy for prioritizing honesty.

No, Really

If you thought I was kidding about Fischer's knack for honesty, think again. According to Schumer, the chef is unable to tell a lie, and this trait often reveals itself in hilarious ways.

" ... he can't lie. Is that the dream man? A guy who can't lie? But, that also means he can't lie... for me," she joked. "Which is an essential part of any relationship."

Schumer then shared a hysterical anecdote to illustrate her point. "Like we're friends with this couple and they broke up and the guy started dating a new girl pretty soon after and we happened to be at the party where they got together," she explained. "So I didn't rush to tell the ex girlfriend what happened. So a couple months later we had dinner with her and she was like, and you know, at that party, that's when they got together. And I was like, 'No! It's not possible!' And Chris goes, "No, you remember! Yeah, remember, cause you said, 'Oh my God, he's leaving with her!'"

Haha. It sounds like Fischer needs to get his stories straight before hanging out with Schumer's pals.

The Proposal Speaks To His Down-To-Earth Vibe

Fischer isn't someone who is into flashy things, as evidenced by his incredibly casual proposal.

"The proposal was whack. He proposed to me in the morning. That's like when people in a nursing home get engaged. Not like at sunrise, like I was still asleep," Schumer revealed. "I was sleeping. And I sleep like I'm still in the womb: ear plugs, eye mask, my moms legs around my shoulders."

She continued: "So I'm in the womb and he comes in and I just like took one ear plug out. And he kind of threw the ring box at me and he goes, 'I got you this.' And I open it and he goes, 'Do you want me to get down on one knee?' And I was like, 'I guess not.' And then I went back to sleep. That's the truth. That's a real a** proposal though."

Even though this proposal doesn't qualify as a big romantic gesture, it's clear it came from the heart, and it goes to show how secure the two are in their relationship.

He's On The "Autism Spectrum"

Arguably the most honest and interesting revelation from Growing might be when Schumer discussed Fischer's autism diagnosis. Schumer said, "My husband was diagnosed with what used to be called Aspergers. He has autism spectrum disorder. He's on the spectrum."

She added, "There were some signs early on like, we went for a walk about a year ago and I fell. And kinda 9 out of 10 people would go, 'Oh my God, are you OK?' But instead my husband went...he kind of froze and became a lighthouse just opening and closing his mouth."

It's great to hear Schumer opening up about this, as many people live with this condition. Bringing awareness to autism is an incredible thing.

The Dad-To-Be Is Schumer's Perfect Fit

In case you didn't know already, Fischer is a talented chef, which probably means Schumer eats fancy meals on the daily. This amazing detail isn't lost on the comedian, who joked in the special: "I married a chef because I'm a f—king genius. Right? Do you guys like food? That's what he makes."

She added: "Marrying a chef is a little on the nose for me. It's kind of like Snoop [Dogg] marrying weed." Fair point.

He's Incredibly Thoughtful

Fischer is always thinking of others, a sweet quality Schumer touched on in an anecdote about her recent hospital stay. In the special, she recalled:

I've been hospitalized a couple of times since I've been pregnant with hyperemesis gravidarum and the very first time was about a month ago. I was throwing up for about five hours when I was taken to the hospital. The doctor came in and he explained to me and my sister and my husband who are all in the room, he said you're gonna have to be here for at least five hours getting liquids. Without skipping a beat my husband said to my sister, "Okay, cool, cause I saw a place where you can paint pottery nearby."

OK, it's official — I'm kind of obsessed with Fischer at the moment. Talk about a sweet and funny guy.

Sometimes Schumer's Jokes Fall Flat

Sarcasm isn't for everyone, a sentiment Schumer was reminded of firsthand when she joked about getting an abortion in a conversation with Fischer.

"My husband is a really great sport. He really is. I keep messing with him, like you know, I've had a tough pregnancy so the other day I was like, 'Babe, this is kinda too hard for me. I don't think I can do it," she recalled. "He's like, "What do you mean?' I was like, 'What do you think I mean? I need to get an abortion.' And this was his response, he went, 'Really?!' [sadly]"

Taken back by Fischer's reaction, she said: "I was like, no! What?!"

Schumer Loves Fischer For Who He Is

If there's one quote that sums up Fischer best, it's how he treats Schumer. "But he can also make me feel more beautiful than anyone has my whole life," she gushed about her guy.

Nothing else needs to be said, right? It's clear Schumer has found a winner in Fischer, and I can't wait to see how their relationship unfolds over the years.