Sonja Flemming/CBS

Christie Murphy On 'Big Brother' Isn't Here For A Showmance

After last season's disaster with Kaitlyn, who you either loved or hated during her time on Big Brother, I wouldn't blame fans if they were wary of another spiritually attuned houseguest this time around. But so far, Christie Murphy seems like a lot of fun and less of a Kaitlyn 2.0, so she’s got that going for her. Because of her bubbly personality and heightened emotions, people are likely going to be wondering who Christie Murphy is on Big Brother and what she’s like outside of the house. Personally, I think she seems like one of the contestants who will be her complete self during the season instead of putting on some kind of elaborate act and I am here for that.

During her pre-season interview with Jeff Schroeder she totally fangirled out and revealed that she has been watching Big Brother for years, making her a superfan. Usually, superfans either make it incredibly far or get the boot early, and it's still a little too soon to see which way Christie will go. But she also described herself as a positive spirit, which could bode well for her future on the show. She said in the interview that she plans to use that positivity to lead "gratitude circles" and enlighten her fellow houseguests. I’m definitely getting Kaitlin vibes, but I’ll give Christie the benefit of the doubt and assume that she’s just here to spread positivity and hopefully win $500,000.

Although Christie’s Instagram is private for now, there is a link to her store in Staten Island, Mystic Earth Boutique. The shop sells clothing, jewelry, and "earthy treasures" and while the Instagram for the boutique is also set to private right now, the Facebook page for Mystic Earth Boutique features tons of clothing, from shirts with phrases like "good vibes" to peasant blouses that I’m sure Christie will sport throughout the season. Judging by the photos of the boutique, it seems to be the real deal and Christie will probably have the most difficulty spending time away from the shop without being able to check in on her employees.

Since she is such a Big Brother superfan, you have to expect that Christie already has a game plan in place to take her far. Being that one of her favorite players is Paul from Season 18 and 19, it should come as no surprise that she plans to use manipulation as her key strategy to win the game. Just as Paul became a master manipulator, Christie said in her Big Brother bio that she will use her charm and femininity as an "openly feminine lesbian" to "subtly manipulate the men" and be a supportive shoulder for the women in the Big Brother house this season.

When Christie isn't running her own business or manifesting her positivity to accomplish her goals, she spends time with her dog, Beans, and she journals every day. Without both of those in the house, she might go a little stir crazy at first, but houseguests have had endure entire seasons without their loved ones. I think Christie will manage. And while she didn't leave a significant other back at home, she has no intention of entering into a showmance and potentially being sidetracked on her way to that prize money. That could always change, but Christie seems intent on making the most out of her time on Big Brother without a relationship to tie her down and distract her.

Right now, Christie has a clear image of how her season will pan out, but as we all know, she should definitely expect the unexpected, because she could be forced to change her game strategy at any given time.