Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Corinne Is A 'Bachelor' Contestant To Watch

It’s that time of year again, can’t you just smell the love and drama in the air? January is usually a time of cold weather, dreary days, and long nights, but it also signifies the start of The Bachelor and the women of Season 21 are ready to fight for the love of Bachelor Nation veteran Nick Viall. So, among the many women who will be attempting to win over his heart, who is Corinne on The Bachelor? The contestant is a Miami business owner who also models on the side and already has the support of Jennifer Aniston, believe it or not. Jimmy Kimmel recently had the actress on his show and had her pick from the lineup of Bachelor contestants’ photos who she thought the winner might be. And, based on Corinne's beauty and apparent business savvy background, Aniston chose her.

Unfortunately, Aniston can’t give Corinne a rose and who really knows how far the 24-year-old will get with Nick, but having fan support already by a major celebrity like Aniston sure helps her cause. Although Corinne’s official job title on The Bachelor is business owner, she’s also a model and even has her booking email at the top of her Instagram page, because who knows when opportunity will come perusing her carefully filtered photos?

So what else do we know about Corinne before she debuts on The Bachelor? Like so many contestants before her, she does modeling on the side and according to ModelMayhem.com, she’s signed with Metric Talent Management LA and travels “back and forth from Miami to LA and to NYC.” If you take a look at her Instagram, you’ll see that she's definitely gorgeous, not unlike those of seasons’ past, and she definitely has the ability to make those perfect Insta-pouts so her selfie game is already very strong. Other than that, it’s way too early to know for sure how she'll gel with both Nick and the other contestants. Will she be sweet and innocent or full of drama? Only time will tell.

According to Corinne’s page on the Explore Talent website, she’s also done some background music video work for artists like Pitbull and DJ Khaled and has done some modeling for the lingerie and swimsuit site, Net Pinky. Although filming for Season 21 of The Bachelor isn’t quite finished, Nick did recently take seven of the women on a date to a Backstreet Boys concert and Corinne was part of that group date, so she likely goes pretty far. We may just end up seeing a ring on her finger yet.