Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Danielle M. Is A Woman Of Many Talents

It was clear from the jump that Danielle Maltby had one of the strongest connections with this season's Bachelor, Nick Viall. The blonde from Nashville, Tennessee won the first one-on-one date of the season with Nick, where the two bonded over their shared home state (Wisconsin). Danielle opened up to Nick during that initial date, but as the season progressed, viewers have seen less of a focus on her. So who is Danielle M. from The Bachelor? Though she seems to have fallen to the wayside amidst the Corinne Olympios drama and Nick's ever-increasing anxiety over finding his ideal mate, Bachelor fans have uncovered a few things about Danielle — and she seems like an awesome person.

At 31 years old, Danielle is one of the oldest contestants in the competition (alongside attorney and fellow frontrunner Rachel Lindsay) and consequently closer than most to being Nick's contemporary. As viewers saw in her intro video during the season premiere, she works as a neonatal nurse, having earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Viterbo University. Right off the bat, Nick was impressed that her chosen career involves "saving babies."

Danielle's life as a nurse is clearly very important to her; so much so that it's one of the first things she told Nick about herself. She's posted Instagram videos in the facility where she works and tweeted about her work often. As recently as Jan. 26 she tweeted about #nurselife and working the night shift.

But Danielle the neonatal nurse is a woman of many talents. On top of being a baby-saving rockstar, she's also a model signed to AMAX Talent, a Nashville-based agency. And beyond modeling, Danielle also had a prominent role in the 2016 music video for country singer Cole Swindell's song "Middle of a Memory."

Aside from her career, viewers also know a bit about Danielle's romantic history. As she explained to Nick during the dinner date portion of their one-on-one weeks ago, the nurse/model was previously engaged to a man who died unexpectedly before they were to be married. Presumably, the "Strength" tattoo on her left ring finger is a reference to her former love.

Nick's future as the Bachelor was left on shaky ground with the cliffhanger conclusion of the Feb. 6 episode. Here's hoping he continues on so we can see more of Danielle (and maybe just a ~tad~ less of Corinne).