Rick Rowell/ABC

Nick & 'The Bachelor' May Part Ways

As much as the women of The Bachelor come to question themselves or the motives of the other women, the same thing happens with the Bachelor himself too from time to time. Yes, even Nick Viall gets insecure and unsure about his place on the show, but will Nick leave The Bachelor? After sending not one, not two, but three women home in the course of one episode, he kind of broke down in front of the remaining women and shared his concerns. Peronsally, my money's on Nick picking himself back up after his breakdown of sorts and throwing himself back into the ring of women competing for his love. It's totally normal, and definitely human, for the pressure of this show to get the better of him every once in a while, but he's not the kind of guy to just give up. This is his fourth time trying to find love in Bachelor Nation, after all.

Nick's emotional breakdown on The Bachelor was about more than questioning his place on the show, but it was also a tear-filled revelation of his fear about losing the connections he's developed with these women throughout the past several weeks. If he no longer felt strongly about Danielle L. anymore, what's to stop his feelings from changing for the other contestants as well? This is now the question that is plaguing his mind. And as a result, he came to question pretty much everything about his journey on The Bachelor. So will Nick leave The Bachelor after this?

While it's definitely about more than amping up the drama as the show begins its second half of Season 21, Nick seemed to be totally genuine in his honesty with the women. But I also find it hard to believe that after everything he's gone through to find love, Nick will give up now. If nothing else, he's going to take some much needed time to himself to calm down, dry his tears, and remember that he's not going to get another chance like this again. Like, literally, you only get to be the Bachelor once, so this is an opportunity he surely won't want to waste.

In the promo for Episode 7, Corinne looks like she's going to try and cheer him up with her "platinum vagine," but in the end, Nick will probably want to stay on The Bachelor because it's the right thing to do and at this point, he has started to build some real connections with the remaining women, regardless of how it looks to him right now.