Here's Everything You Need To Know About Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar's Husband

There are so many Duggars that it's hard to keep up sometimes. But one of the most controversial of the clan, and therefore stands out a bit more, is Jill Duggar's husband. So who is Derick Dillard anyway and why does his name tend to make headlines from time to time? Dillard's been in the public eye for years now, since he married Jill back in 2014.

The whole family was happy to have him join their brood when he and Jill married years ago. Jill's younger sister Jinger said at the time that her sister was over the moon about her marriage to Dillard. "Jill is just enjoying this time. Derick has such a tender, caring heart. I couldn’t have picked a better person for my sister. We are going to miss her so much," she said, according to People.

The couple has two kids together, 2-year-old Israel and baby Samuel, who was born this summer. With both of her kids, Jill went into labor and then ended up having to have a C-section at the hospital, according to People. With Israel, there were complication that took her to the hospital. Samuel, according to the couple's birth announcement to People this summer, was delivered via a C-section after 40 hours of labor. This couple has obviously been through a lot together.

Here are a few fast facts about Derick Dillard that all fans should know.

Jim Bob Duggar Set Him Up With Jill

According to Jill, her dad, Jim Bob Duggar, thought that she and Dillard would be a great match for each other and they quickly began a courtship via Skype. While Jim Bob and Jill were on a missionary trip in Nepal, Dillard met them there, interacting with Jill for the first time in person, according to Us Weekly.

His Father Died Almost A Decade Ago

Dillard lost his father in 2008 from a heart condition, according to the Duggar Family Blog and pays tribute to him often. Last year, he wrote on Instagram that his father, Rick, was the "greatest man" he knew:

The greatest, namely, because he taught me in word and deed about Jesus Christ. He protected and served the public as a police officer, and he loved God and his family. His time came sooner than expected, but I know he would have loved being grandpa Dillard to little Israel too.

And His Mom Is A Cancer Survivor

His mom, Cathy Dillard, was reportedly diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, just before his wedding in 2014. She is now cancer free. According to In Touch Weekly, Dillard has said of his mother's cancer:

My mom’s story of battle and triumph over cancer is nothing short of a miracle, performed by the one true God, our Lord Jesus Christ, through many medical personnel to whom I am eternally grateful.

He & Jill Didn't Kiss Until Their Wedding

According to People, Jill and Dillard didn't share their first kiss until after they took their vows. Jill said at the time, as the magazine reported:

I think it is safer and makes it more special to wait to kiss until your wedding day. To save the physical side of your marriage for your wedding day and not going further than you should — we want to have no regrets.

Dillard, then 25 years old, said, "You can really get to know each other on every level without the physical part of it," as The Daily Mail reported. According to family rules, they didn't have "chest to chest" hugs until then either, E! News noted.

But He Doesn't Mind Breaking Rules

According to CafeMom, a since deleted Instagram post shows Dillard dancing and having fun at a "wild" party, which is against the Duggar family rules and Cross Church's rules, since dancing somehow, according to them, leads to sex. It wasn't just the salacious dancing — it was because the song was "Despacito," which talks a lot about mouths being on other people's bodies in a sexual way.

He's Posted Some Controversial Opinions

In August 2017, Dillard retweeted a promotional tweet from the TLC network (which airs his show, Counting On and the original 19 Kids & Counting) advertising I Am A Jazz, a reality show that follows transgender icon Jazz Jennings. Dillard tweeted, "What an oxymoron... a 'reality' show which follows a non-reality. 'Transgender' is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it's ordained by God."

Last January, when the Boy Scouts of America announced that they would allow transgender kids to join, he tweeted, "This is sad." In another tweet posted last month, he also shared an article about a boycott on Target for having all-gender restrooms and fittings rooms.

While Romper has reached out to TLC for comment, the network did issue a statement to People following the August tweet: “Derick Dillard’s personal statement does not represent the views of TLC.”

Beyond Dillard's controversial views and tweets, fans of Counting On are certainly intrigued by this cast member for many reasons.