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Who Is Igor Milkin On 'House Of Cards' Season 4? He Is Just A Puppet In International Relations

President Petrov. The guy just never learns, does he? Whether he's causing problems at the United Nations, making a massive fuss over gay rights, or trying to double-cross President Underwood in any way he can, Petrov always ends up getting the patented Underwood smackdown. And, it looks like he's up to his old tricks in Season 4 of House of Cards, assuming no one will turn against him or his country. Well, there's one guy who tried, Igor Milkin. But, who Is Igor Milkin on House of Cards and why is he in U.S. custody? It looks like he was the only wealthy Russian dissident to get out of the country before Petrov had him killed. And where did he flee to for political asylum? The United States, because U.S. and Russia's relations need to get more complicated.(Spoilers for those that have not caught up with the current season.)

So, who is this guy and why does Frank have anything to do with him? Igor Milkin is a billionaire media mogul who has been very vocal in his condemnation of Petrov, particularly since Petrov took over control of Milkin's television stations and newspapers. Before Petrov could have him killed, as he did with his alleged co-conspirators, Milkin took off in his private plane and landed in Bangor, Maine, where the U.S. government was keeping him as they prepared to notify the President.

That sounds like it would spell the end of Milkin, right? Despite being reminded that the American government has a legal obligation to process Milkin's request for political asylum, President Underwood was ready to send him back. "He's Petrov's problem, not ours," Frank said, apparently washing his hands of him. Even when Frank was told Milkin would surely be killed, the President shrugged it off. "He tried to slay a dragon and he missed his mark. Now he's got to face the fire." Classic Underwood.

Only when his advisers reminded him that Milkin was a powerful man — and that sending him back to Russia could lead to more killings — did Underwood take a moment to reconsider his position. To be fair, he is a pretty distracted guy lately, what with the State of the Union and Claire off plotting against him.

So, like many times before, Frank gets Petrov on the phone and the two try to work over terms. Again. Frank offers to send Milkin back to Russia so long as he gets a trial. Of course that doesn't fly with Petrov, who is incredibly paranoid about Frank working with Milkin. Even when Underwood tells him he doesn't care if he sends Milkin to Siberia to freeze to death so long as he stops killing wealthy businessmen and taking their assets, Petrov stubbornly refuses to work with him.

Any conversation between Petrov and Underwood seems to relate the differences in Petrov and Underwood's leadership styles. On one hand, Frank always has a team beside him (in this case, Durrant and Doug) and Petrov is in a dark room alone. But, despite this, these two men are incredibly similar. They can self-destroy, ruin relationships close to them, and want all of the power they can grasp. Unfortunately for Milkin, he got caught in the crosshairs.