The 'Ex On The Beach' Cast Has Been Announced & They're Ready For Love

What’s worse than being stuck on an island with your ex, who you can't stand? Probably being stuck on an island with cameras in your face and other singles trying to hook up with said ex in front of you. At least, that’s the kind of amazing drama I’m expecting from the cast of Ex on the Beach Season 2. So who is in the Ex on the Beach cast this time around? They’re honestly what makes the show so good and this season, MTV really pulled out all the stops to get the best of the worst reality TV stars onboard.

For those who don't know, the premise of the show is that celebrity contestants decide if they want to get back together with their exes or strike up something new with someone else. Naturally, tons of drama ensues and every week, someone new arrives on the beach. This season, there’s a mixture of former contestants from Big Brother, Bad Girls Club, and The Challenge, but former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham will also be there, along with Season 12 Bachelorette villain Chad Johnson.

It’s like the perfect storm and I cannot wait for all of these worlds to collide. But first, let’s take a trip down memory lane to get to know the entire cast of Ex on the Beach Season 2.

Farrah Abraham

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Farrah has been working the reality TV circuit quite a bit since she left Teen Mom and went on a few social media tirades about the producers of the show. It looks like she’s back on the network, however, along with ex Simon Saran, who also appeared on Teen Mom.

Chad Johnson

Chad got a reputation as the pot stirrer and protein eater on The Bachelorette Season 12. He went on to further cultivate his terrible reality TV persona on Bachelor in Paradise, Famously Single, and Celebrity Big Brother U.K. Maybe fifth time’s a charm as he arrives on the beach along with his ex, Madeline Sullivan.

Angela Babicz

Angela is known for Bad Girls Club and The Challenge, but she also fell for now-ex Tor’i Brooks on Ex on the Beach last season. They’re both back this time, so hopefully they can make it work or end things for good.

Jozea Flores

Jozea didn't leave a winner The Challenge or Big Brother 18, but maybe he’ll do better under less competitive terms. Then again, he might be fighting for his ex, Rob Tini’s, affections in a different kind of competitive atmosphere.

Morgan Willett

Big Brother: Over the Top was the franchise’s attempt at an all digital version of the hit show and although it doesn’t look like it's coming back, Morgan was voted as the winner by fans. Her exes, Monte Massongill and Jay Starret, may not be fans of hers, but they’re definitely going to have a lot to talk about on Ex on the Beach.

Cheyenne Parker

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cheyenne is known for Fire Island and for having once dated Murray Swanby, who was on Ex on the Beach last season and will be back for Season 2. But Cheyenne’s high points this season might involve his and Farrah’s clashing personalities.

Maya Benberry

Maya competed and won on the reality dating show Catching Kelce, though she and the NFL player Travis Kelce broke up not long after the show finished airing. She’s going to have mini dating competition show of her own this season as three exes, J.D. Harmon, Kareem Peterson, and Perez Carothers, show up on the beach.

Corey Brooks

Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Corey was the lovable boyfriend of Big Brother 18 winner Nicole Franzel. They broke up after they no longer had to remain sequestered in a house with more than a dozen other strangers, but his other ex, Sha Carrell, will be joining him on Ex on the Beach this season.

Nicole Ramos

Lars Niki/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fans know Nicole from The Challenge and as the cousin of The Challenge former player Nany Ramos. She might be ready to find love on her own terms, but she’ll have to deal with her ex, Nate Sestok, first.

Malcolm Drummer

Malcolm hooked up with his ex, Diandra Delgado, on Are You the One?, but at the same time, he was shacking up with Nurys Mateo. Both women will be on Ex on the Beach.

Janelle Shanks

Bad Girls Club is full of the strong and intimidating women that would probably make me cry by first night in the mansion if I was ever on the show. This is why I fully expect (and hope) that Bad Girls Club Season 11 star Janelle will bring tons of drama to the beach. That is, if she doesn't have enough on her plate with ex-boyfriend Darian Vandermark showing up.

In addition to all of the drama and tea served piping hot, Ex on the Beach is about some of these contestants finding love unexpectedly. I don’t know if anyone is watching it for the love stories specifically, but if some of them happen to find more than hookups and fights, so be it.

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