A Big Piece Of Eleven's Past Is Finally Confirmed On 'Stranger Things'

When Joyce and Hopper went looking for answers about what happened to Will, they discovered Terry Ives and her sister, Becky. Terry was unable to communicate, aside from repeating a number of words over and over again. Becky explained that Terry had gotten pregnant while taking part in Project MKUltra, an experimental project that subjected her to mind-altering, psychedelic drugs. Terry was told she had a miscarriage but believed her daughter, Jane, was actually born and taken away from her. This left many fans wondering: who is Jane on Stranger Things? Season 2 finally seems to have given us an answer. Warning: Episode 5 spoilers ahead!

It was strongly hinted in the first season that Jane was actually Eleven. She only ever knew "Papa," or Dr. Martin Brenner, as her parent and grew up in the Hawkins Lab. Plus, the experiments done on Terry would explain where Eleven got her abilities from. Well in Season 2, the show finally confirmed what fans knew all along. After discovering a box of files about Terry and Dr. Brenner, Eleven used a picture of Terry and her psychic abilities to locate her. She then hitched a ride in a truck, and went to find her mother, but was disappointed to discover Terry wasn't able to communicate with her.


However, that turned out not to be entirely the case. When Becky showed Eleven to her room, the lights began to flicker. Although Becky tried to dismiss this, Eleven knew better and followed the lights as they led her back to Terry, who then changed the channels on the TV until it was on static — the background noise Eleven typically uses when she taps into her psychic abilities. With the static and a blindfold, Eleven was able to reach out to Terry as she showed Eleven what had happened to her all those years ago.

Terry remembered giving birth to Jane, but Dr. Brenner took her away as soon as she was born and later tried to convince her that she'd had a miscarriage. But Terry knew that wasn't true, even though no one believed her. Fast forward a few years, and Terry retrieved a gun from a safe and went to Hawkins Lab, looking for her daughter. Using the gun, she was able to make it all the way to the rainbow room where she discovered Jane and another little girl.

Unfortunately, Terry didn't even get to touch her daughter before she was taken away from her and strapped down to a table. Dr. Brenner then had her brain scrambled so that she wouldn't be able to try and get Jane ever again. These flashbacks also revealed that the repeated phrases Terry says have meaning. For example, the numbers she says are the numbers of the combination lock of the save where she kept her gun and "rainbow" obviously refers to the rainbow room Jane was in.

Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

Between Eleven's visit to the house and her mother's flashbacks, the show seemed to confirm that Eleven is, in fact, Jane like we all thought. Now Eleven knows where she comes from, however, it's still disheartening to know Dr. Brenner — who may or may not be Jane's father since that's still unclear — would do all this damage to an innocent woman just for the sake of his experimentations. Eleven will probably never be able to have a real relationship with her mother now, and there's nothing that can really be done about that.

Additionally, she now knows that Hopper lied when he said her mother was "gone," so she'll have to decide how she feels about that as well. Hopefully, she'll forgive Hopper, who was obviously just trying to protect her, because really he's the best parental figure she has right now.

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