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Krystal Isn't Here To Make Friends On 'The Bachelor'

Every season of The Bachelor introduces the world to a new batch of women who are all unique in their own ways. But because there are sure to be a handful of women who stand out right away, Krystal Nielson may catch your eye faster than you can say "she’s here for the right reasons." So, who is Krystal on The Bachelor? She didn't go on The Bachelor to make lifelong friendships, though sometimes that comes with the territory regardless.

As to be expected, Krystal went into the experience hoping to find lasting love and just because she doesn’t seem very into opening up to the other women, it doesn't make her a villain. That being said, the preview for The Bachelor Season 22 would have you believe otherwise. I hesitate to use the word "villain" when it comes to these real life people on the show, but the promo definitely makes it seem like that’s the sort of edit she’s going to get, even if that’s not how she prefers to come across.

When it all comes down to it, she doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks of her and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Her main focus is clearly going to be winning over Arie's heart, which is why they're all there anyways, right?

According to Krystal’s Bachelor bio, she’s 29 years old, which makes her one of the older contestants this season (but certainly not old by any means), and she’s definitely not about that partying life. When asked what her typical Saturday night looks like, she answered, "Dinner out with friends or home relaxing alone with my puppies." Clearly, she’s at a place in life where she can settle down with Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Judging by her Instagram, a big part of Krystal’s life is her job. She’s a health and fitness coach and her Bachelor bio even says that becoming a coach has allowed her to find her purpose in life. She’s also been part of some body building competitions, just to give you an idea of how important overall physical health and stamina are to her. But other than remaining physically fit and promoting her workouts, Krystal lives in Montana with her two dogs and seems to travel quite a bit for work. So if things were to work out with Arie, I don’t see why she couldn’t relocate and continue her fitness coach lifestyle where he lives in Arizona.

Despite being so focused on her career outside of The Bachelor and already doing what she considers to be her life’s work, it doesn’t look like the Bachelor Mansion is going to afford her much time to get in her zen state of mind that she seems used to. Granted, being thrust into a house with a couple dozen other people would result in high stress for anyone, but it looks like this season on The Bachelor, Krystal might be ruffling some feathers.

In the promo, it’s clear that Krystal came on the show because she’s serious about finding love and at one point she even says, "I’m falling in love with Arie." There’s another point where she tells the camera, "I don't care what other people think," in terms of the other women who are technically her competition. But being a weightlifter and fitness expert in general, it probably comes natural for Krystal to seek out her goal and work toward it, regardless of any outside influences.

It’s hard to say just yet how her personality will mesh with Arie’s, especially if she ends up at the center of drama with the other women, but the important thing is that she’s confident and secure in her own life outside of The Bachelor and seems more than ready to take this big step.

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